Support I,Hypocrite

Welcome to my support page. Here you can find all the options to support the work I do at I,Hypocrite. Support entitles to you to some benefits such as having your name or pseudonym as an executive producer in the credits at the end of YCSP & The Daily Cope, access to exclusive content and an invite to the discord server.

Current funding is $1,814

Locals: $915
Odysee: $305 (39)
Subscribestar: $62
Paypal: $382
Patreon: $145
Rumble: $5


1) $1500 – I will never paywall YCSP as long as this amount is maintained, I also won’t put any ads in the middle of the show where I ask people to support.

2) $3000 – If we hit this stretch goal I will do a monthly livestream DJ set on my turntables.

The current recommended option is Locals. This makes it easy to access the exclusive content and discord invite and you will also get emails on Sunday night to remind you about YCSP going live (you can opt out of emails).

1) Locals

2) Odysee

Become a member of my Odysee page at and clicking the “JOIN” button at the top of the page.

3) Paypal

Choose your tier:

BRONZE TIER $1 (does not include the member benefits listed above)






4) SubscribeStar

5) Patreon

6) Rumble

You can subscribe on rumble for $5/month and as a bonus you won’t see ads on my rumble videos. Honestly not sure how but one guy figured it out.