Hi, my name is Lyndon Perry and it appears you have found this little site of mine. I’m a professional web developer and single father which keeps me pretty busy, but I like to use what little free time I do have to write about the current state of society and sometimes just wax philosophical in general. I am particularly critical of modern social justice movements such as feminism or Black Lives Matter, which I feel have been turning into a sort of narcissistic mental disorder over the years.

I do some times argue in favor of the men’s rights movement, although the issue that is particularly near and dear to my heart is the issue of shared parenting legislation.

I’m opinionated and frequently vulgar. If you don’t like the sound of that, feel free to get lost.

If you like my writing please consider supporting the work I do via my patreon account. Your donation helps to cover the costs of running this site as well as raising my daughter and helping with the long and drawn out legal battle that I am currently engaged in with my ex.

You can also follow me on twitter and facebook were I shitpost regularly.

I use to game back when I had free time for other things. Maybe some day if the YouTube channel or the patreon really takes off and I’m able to leave my day job I would start up a streaming channel as well. Life goals.

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I,Hypocrite is run and operated 100% by Lyndon Perry. I'm a coder, a gamer, a single father and the belle of the Haters Ball. The thoughts and positions presented here are my own and do not represent anyone else I may associate with. If you enjoy the work please consider supporting the cause, this site cannot survive without the support of my gracious patrons.

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