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Vote: Hypocrite of the Year 2017

As a lifelong procrastinator and incorrible layabout, I’ve always seen the value in the motto “better late than never”. And so it is in the spirit of that idiom which I present to you the poll for Hypocrite of the Year 2017.

Important: You may choose 3 of your top candidates. Yes, vote for 3. All votes are counted equally but I added this feature last year as people found it very difficult to narror the focus of their hatred down to a single individual. Choose all three of your top picks and then hit submit, once you submit you won’t be allowed to vote again unless you do some sort of tomfoolery which is frowned apon. I’m frowning apon all voting tomfoolery right now.

If you need a recap of how these people wound up on the list you can watch this recap video, otherwise happy voting.


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