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Sargon’s Purge

Sometimes people are afraid of the truth because the truth hurts. And sometimes, people are afraid of the truth because the truth is so much more boring and banal than the narratives they’ve built.

-Lyndonius of Qualicum

If you haven’t already heard, famous YouTube skeptic and novice motivational rock climber, Sargon of Akkad, aka Carl Benjamin, was recently locked out of his Google account for well-nigh 24 hours. The interim of which was rife with wild speculation that The Great YouTube Purge was finally upon us.  A theory put forth by the bearded Anti-feminist himself, who posted exactly that to his Facebook page and then dropped of the internet for the next 8 or so hours, leaving the rumor mill to do its work.


And work it did. A flurry of videos and articles went up, from world-famous internet philosopher and credibly alleged cult leader Stefan Molyneaux to real life YouTube journalist Tim “Killroy Killer” Poole to articles on multiple platforms like Breitbart and Big League Politics, for whom Sargon even offered the following thoughts:

“I think it’s because extremists on the right pose no actual threat to the extremists on the left, whereas centrist classical liberal ideas really do,” Sargon stated. “When it comes to the left’s racial collectivism and animus against white people, a fair-minded individualist anti-racist mindset is infinitely more preferable.” #YouTubePurge

It was during this period of fear and uncertainty that your humble narrator offered his own thoughts on the matter, that Sargon wasn’t being, as he himself would later put it in an interview with Paul Joseph Watson, persecuted by YouTube, but rather that some sort of activity on his account had triggered an automatic response, such as the Google AI false flagging him for spam or fraud.

I based this theory on the fact that the same has happened to me multiple times before as a result of my unbridled enthusiasm for VPNs and proxy servers. But let’s leave this theory for the moment, and take a little time to reflect on days gone by.

Did I ever tell you guys about the time I un-subscribed from Dave Cullen? It was during a similar period of strife and uncertainty that would later be known as the YouTube Adpocolypse 1.0 when your boy Computing Forever put out a video titled Permanently Demonetized. When I saw this title I logically, immediately thought the worst, that YouTube had permanently removed Dave’s ability to monetize videos, a frightening prospect for a young tiger like myself with dreams of someday raking in those YouTube shekels.

After all, I had already had several videos demonetized myself as I had begun doing a series on Islam…..ism. So when it turned out that Dave was talking about a single video, I was, quite frankly, disgusted. Why was that even worth talking about, I wondered? And it was only the third time it had happened to Dave, who at that point had over 1,300 videos uploaded to his channel. Yes, you read that right, thirteen hundred videos. Personally I never saw getting demonetized as a form of censorship or persecution, but that’s a topic I’ve already covered previously.

Dave’s persecution complex was on display and I wasn’t having it, but lots of others were, as a telling screengrab from his graphtreon will lay bare:


In the 48 hour period following the release of that video, which was viewed over 90,000 times, Dave’s patreon support went up over $1,000 per month, more than tripling. Having that video demonetized was the best thing that ever happened to him, and that’s not how it’s suppose to be.

You see, if there’s one thing I’m against, it’s the incentivization of victimhood. And I thought, quite honestly, that’s something we were all mostly on board with. I thought that’s why we all cried foul when scrupulous characters like Anita Sarkeesian, Zoe Quinn, Randy Harper & Brianna Wu were all cashing in on make-believe harassment! Wasn’t it? Because we don’t think people should be rewarded for being victims, much less for being pretend victims, right?

And yet, time and time again I have seen this play out, like every time some YouTuber gets “doxed” the first thing they do is run to tweet about it, the second is to make a video and the third is to do the live stream circuit, using their so-called doxing to smear their opponents and claim they’ve been martyred in pursuit of their higher causes. This of course draws massive attention to the dox themselves, which has always made it so hard for me to swallow doxing as a bad thing. Everyone I’ve seen it happen to seems positively thrilled.

Kraut for example immediately retweeted his doxer and then made videos letting his audience of tens of thousands know the dox were out there, should they care to look. Another recent example is one Tonka Saw who claimed he was doxed by Destiny on Twitter. I happened to catch this while listening to his show The Morning Kumite and otherwise would have been completely oblivious to the fact that your boy Tonka is a smol frail 5’8″ manlet with long pretty hair, you know, the kind of guy that wouldn’t fare well in prison.


Seriously, can someone get Skeletor over here a sandwhich? Stat!

And so this brings us back to Sargon and his persecution at the hands of the nefarious YouTube global elite. If you google the type of issue that Sargon was having you can see many old threads from people talking about possible causes, which of course feature the same theme I already mentioned, too many proxies, and other account level violations, both real and percieved.


What I’m saying is that it’s entirely possible this issue wasn’t even the result of a flagging campaign, much less YouTube’s upper echelon deciding to finally make an example of Carl of Swindon. Even if people were flagging him for spam in some misguided attempt to silence him, that wouldn’t be Google’s fault.

I just don’t understand why, even after getting his account returned to him in less than 24 hours, Sargon would go on PJW’s show and claim he was being persecuted. It makes no sense. If Google wanted to ban his account they would ban his account, not give it back. I mean just imagine this ineffectual cabal at some back door YouTube meeting:

“Comrades, it’s time to purge all these classical liberals once and for all, starting with the ringleader himself, Sargon of Akaad. We’re going straight for the source boys, turning off his google account so he can’t access anything. Today we truly strike a blow for Cultural Marxism!”

24 hours later…

“Shit. He asked for his account back. Well played, Benjamin, you’ve won this round.”

That’s not how shit works. And I know. I mean I knowwwww Sargon is smart enough to understand that. So it makes me sad to see him diverging from the plain, banal truth to play up this victim narrative, but I guess even ancient historical statues need to get paid, if you know what I’m sayin’.

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