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Facebook Continues To Censor I,Hypocrite

It’s been just under three months since Facebook deleted my page at just under 300,000 followers. After 2 years of building my following, investing time and energy every single day, and not only that but money as well. Not a lot, to be fair, I think I invested about $50 into boosting my facebook posts over those 2 years, mostly out of curiosity to see how effective it was (not very).

The page was deleted over what facebook had deemed as pornographic content. After a couple weeks of racking my brain trying to figure out what I had posted that could have possible been deemed as pr0n, I finally figured it out. It was that woman breastfeeding at Disney Land.

Presumably not Zuckerberg’s proudest fap.

The problem of facebook marking breastfeeding photos as porn has plagued the platform for a while, but I thought they had long resolved these issues. And while I can understand computer algorythms making mistakes, that’s what the appeal process is for, right?

So how did some human look at this as part of the appeal process and decide that this was a violation of the rules and destroy two years of my life with the click of button? And is it possible that this person who decided to do that to me had some form of political bias against the type of content I post?

Facebook and Twitter have both come under fire for political bias in their censorship tacticts. Recently, a damning video expose by Project Veritas featured Twitter employees bragging about how they would ban Trump supporters from the internet.

The most frustrating part of having your page nuked by Facebook is that they offer no real support, the appeal process is just you clicking a button and then you hear back. There’s no one you can talk to, and they won’t even tell you what you did wrong, leaving you to wonder for yourself what the infraction was.

I’ve since returned to Facebook and my new page has already gained 70,000 followers, thanks to some friends I made along the way helping me out. But I have to wonder if it’s even worth my time. The page has been unpublished twice this month alone. Both times my appeal was accepted, but next time it might not be, at which point I will be back to square one, with nobody to even tell me what it was I did wrong.




Although Facebook never tells you what it was you posted that caused you to be unfairly unpublished in the first place – I mean, why would the appeal work if the unpublishing was valid? They do sometimes tell you what posts are being taken down, at which point they also put you on 30 day bans. Here are some examples of posts that Facebook has banned me for:


This one was “hate speech”.


This was sexual content.


This one was also deemed sexual.


More hate speech.


Hate speech again.

These are just some of the sillier take downs that I remember. Obviously I have had many more clearly political posts censored, posts that are critical of Islam or Gender Politics. But these examples illustrate how stacked the system is against you.

I don’t mind following the rules, but how can I when they aren’t clear, and half the time you’re banned you aren’t told what you’re doing wrong? You can try your damndest to follow the rules and they will find ways to get you. And with no recourse to talk to support or get answers about why you were unpublished, you’re left as so many right wing & anti feminist pages have been, to either give up or start over from scratch.

Some pages, like Milo, seem to get to a “too big to fail” spot, where they can get away with so much more, but little guys like me can get picked off one by one and with no big media presence to kick up a storm we’re just zapped down the memory hole.

I’m still here for now but if this page gets deleted I don’t know if I can keep going with it.


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