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Cybertronic ‘MAGA’ Upsets Leftist Nerds

Left leaning transformer fans have been shitting themselves all over twitter following the discovery that a new toy model, Transformers Power of the Primes Jazz, to be exact, was encoded with a secret message in cybertronic, a made up language that only a massive nerd could possibly decrypt, so of course one did:





Hasbro released the following statement in response to the discovery:

It was brought to our attention that a graphic appears on one of our Transformers figures that, when translated from Cybertonian letters to English, spells out MAGA. We investigated the issue, and discovered that one of our vendors inserted this as part of the design without authorization. We are addressing this with the vendor.

We do not intend for our products to carry political messages, and apologize to anyone who was offended by this message.

MAGA is of course the campaign slogan of Donald Trump and also, as reported on by transformer dork forum,, an “ethno-nationalist supremacist movement.”

The phrase was also popular with 90’s Bill Clinton, back when he was a cool, weed smoking, sax playing, dick sucked getting dude and before he started calling everything racist.



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