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WATCH: Democrat County Legislator Fakes PTSD To Avoid Speeding Ticket

Wow, it seems like only last week we here at I,Hypocrite were documenting the exploits of a smug, left leaning elitist acting with utter contempt for authority. Well it looks like we have another treat for those of you who still aren’t tired of winning.

Ulster County Legislator Jennifer Schwartz Berky pleaded with a town police officer on May 24 to not give her a traffic ticket after saying she couldn’t afford the fine. The full dashcam video is about 26 minutes long, but you’ve a busy man so I’ve trimmed down a 2 minute clip to give you the gist (you’re going to want to watch this):

Berky tries everything under the sun to weasel out of her speeding ticket. First she tries to claim she was on the phone with her son, as if to imply that must of distracted her from noticing how fast she was going. Hahaha. Bold strategy, Cotton.

But things get real cringe worthy when she starts throwing a fake panic attack and threatens to sue the officer for triggering her PTSD, should he write her a ticket. The officer offers to call her an ambulance which she immediately dismisses.

With all else having failed Jennifer tried to use her status as a legislator to convince him to let her go. The officer even ends up offering to write her a seatbelt ticket instead, a lesser fine, but she whines that doing so wouldn’t be accurate. Haha, talk about pushing your luck. And so he decided to give her the full speeding ticket after all.


Berky, who is up for reelection November 7th, issued an apology for her behavior after the video was released. Considering this is in New York, I wouldn’t count her out. What a world!

If you’re just dying for more Jennifer, she has a TedX talk about urban planning. Or something. I don’t know it was really, really boring. Probably why it only has 360 views.


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