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Top 10 Menstrual/Vaginal Works of Art (Part 1)

With the rise and, subsequently, painfully slow fall of 3rd wave feminism, you may have noticed a proliferation in the amount of artists seemingly devoted to the idea of cashing in on works that revolve around either their snatch or the gooey red fluid it produces on a monthly schedule.

Now you, like myself, consider yourself a man of the world. You like to stay up to date on the latest artistic trends. But how to stay up to date in a world where you can’t cross the street without tripping over a vagina sculpture, in a world where this art is so common, Muffington Post has a dedicated tag for it? Well, that’s what you have your boy lp for, because I’m here to present to you the ultimate ranked list of menstrual/vaginal artworks, but before we get into the top 10, we do have a few honorable mentions to get out of the way, namely this bridal gown, this Great Wall of Vag, this free bleeding Yogi, and this…whatever this is. On with the good stuff, starting with:

#10 Vagina Kayak

3D printing has taken the world by storm and it seems like everyone has their own idea how best to put this technology to work for humanity. Enter Megumi Igarashi, Japanese artist, vaginal enthusiast and amateur kayaker.


Megumi used a digital scan of her holiest of holes to create all kinds of 3d sculptures such as cell phone cases and key chains, but her most notable creation was a full size functional kayak.


Not everyone was a fan, however. Megumi was actually arrested and charged with obscenity, pictured below is what I can only assume is an official Japanese court document.


I don’t know if it’s just because she’s a cute, little smiley Japanese lady, but I’m hardly grossed out by this at all. Obscene or not, Megumi will have to try harder next time if she wants a higher spot on the list.


“I don’t get it.” – The one guy that showed up to the exhibit.

#9 The Touch-My-Vagina-Box

On the one hand, Milo Moiré strikes me as sort of an insufferable, narcissistic attention whore. On the other, she has a veritably perfect rack.

A Swiss artist and psychologist, Milo has been performing public stunts for years, but none captured my imagination quite like the “Mirror Box” performance in which she invited random people on the street to touch her vagina or breasts while looking into her eyes.


“When they touch my vagina, I say, ‘You have 30 seconds — you have to look into my eyes.'” – An artist doing artsy stuff

Let me know what you think about this one in the comments, personally, given the opportunity to participate, I feel like I would have to. You know, for art, or science, or whatever.

#7 Fruit Fingering

Stephanie Sarley is an instagram star with a twist. The twist being that her whole shtick is finger fucking fruit for your enjoyment.

The popular account has over two hundred thousand followers. But gently rubbing a sliced avocado on camera for a few minutes isn’t Stephanie’s only talent. She’s also the author of such popular works as Dick Dog & Friends Coloring Book and Crotch Monsters.


#8 Menstrual Canvas Painter

Let’s be honest, painting a canvas with period ooze isn’t particularly edgy these days. We’ve all seen the Donald Trump portrait, for example.


And yet he’s still not tired of winning.

But in my humble opinions, none of these paintings bring quite the nuanced level of repugnance as those of Lani Beloso. Lani has a condition called menorrhagia: her periods are 3x heavier than normal, and horribly painful. So she decided to do what anyone would, and stand over a canvas while bleeding freely onto it.


I don’t know art but I know what makes me hurl!

#6 Draws With Cooch

You’ve tried looking at drawings before. But have you ever tried looking at a drawing where the artist held the pencil with her meat curtains? This is the very question that Las Vegas artist Tiffany defiantly posed to the world. The world more or less shrugged and went on with it’s business, but I don’t care what anyone says, that kind of grip deserves respect.

Thanks for reading! Had enough, or think you can stomach the top five? Click here to find out!



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