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VIDEO: Liberal Journalist Harasses McDonalds Employee, Livestreams it on Twitter

Twitter verified liberal journalist and casual #MTG Twitch streamer, David Leavitt, laid down a serious lesson in respect and authority when a surly McDonald’s employee thought she could just decide to not refill his coke even though he had paid good money for it on a previous visit.


Some of you might remember David as the guy who laid down comedy gold after the Manchester bombing following an Ariana Grande concert.


The plebeian worker, outed by Davids act of resistance as one Donna Bernick, clearly had no idea who she was messing with. David threw the full force of his 60k twitter following behind his admonishment, berating Donna on camera while refusing to back down from receiving the refill on a fountain drink of his choice, valued at approximately one American dollar.

What I have gleaned from watching this video David, in the type of act of ingenuity so common among his native peoples, devised a genius way of saving money by returning to the same McDonalds he had purchased breakfast from and brought his dirty old cup with him so he could demand a free refill.

Although he was not only well within his rights, but a distinguished member of the liberal media, the uppity employees refused to cede to his demands, forcing him to publicly admonishing them on Twitter one last time while letting them know they had just cost themselves thousands of dollars in future revenue from the presumable lifelong bachelor.


While his thirst for high fructose corn syrup may not have been quenched, it’s safe to say that the McDonalds corporation will rue the day they crossed David Leavitt, whom couldn’t be reached for comment at the time of publication as he was focused on fine tuning his goblins deck for an upcoming no stakes Magic:The Gathering tournament.


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