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Facebook User Triggers Witch Hunt By Dropping R-bomb

This one was sent in by a follower of the I,Hypocrite Facebook page. Our friend Jim felt like he needed to blow off so steam, so he headed over to a page called BUSINESS RANT & RAVE ST-AUGUSTINE to let people know what he thinks about the local Celtic festival.


Judging by the reactions, most people found Jim’s colorful description comical. However, at least one browser wasn’t laughing. Enter our antagonist, Courtney. Courtney was, you might say, a touch triggered, which is why she wrote a public and open letter decrying Jim’s “hate speech”.


Courtney’s “open letter” is reminiscent of some of the worst cases of mothers exploiting their child’s condition in order to induce sympathy and praise. It is the same reaction that drives those truly desperate to engage in Munchausen syndrome by proxy. Jim’s post had nothing to do with Courtney or her child, and Courtney has nothing to do with the Celtic festival. This letter is some of the most blatant outrage manufacturing I’ve ever seen, right down to the the seethingly sanctimonious “You are in my prayers tonight”.

Of course the letter did exactly what it was meant to, all the way to the point where people commenting on Courtney’s thread were discussing attempting to the get the admin of the group which Jim posted to fired from his job.



Keep in mind the people here are referring to the guy that admin’s the page, not even the guy that posted the speech they found so offensive! This is the insanity that is the social justice mob. With everyone trying to outdo each other and prove their virtue by displaying their mock outrage, innocents are swept in the splash damage constantly.

The post has been shared over 30 times at the time of this writing. There is plenty more righteous indignation you can check for yourself if you want.


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