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Samantha Bee Mocks Cancer Patient’s “Nazi Hair”

UPDATE: The cancer patient that was mocked by Bee’s program was a registered democrat who was there covering the event, but that’s not all, he has a gofundme page requesting donations for treatment, which has raised over $90,000 in the last 24 hours since being put under the national spotlight!

In the most recent episode of TBS’ “Full Frontal With Samantha Bee”, featured a segment where Michael Rubens narrates while cutting to images of young CPAC attendees sporting partially shaved heads, referring to each as “nazi hair”.

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But it turns out one of the young men they were casually labeling as an ethnic nationalist is actually¬† afflicted with brain cancer. Which has since been brought to everyone’s attention by Kyle Foley on Twitter. Woops!

The show has removed the video from YouTube, and issued an apology. Isn’t it great we have smug liberal elites¬† like this condescendingly telling us all how to behave? Stay classy, Full Frontal.


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