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This Week In Social Justice | December 4th 2016



According to several screeds on the BLC Facebook page, his actions “perpetrate anti-Black racism … indicated … you do not value anti-Black racism scholarship, Black women, Black educators or education, Black experience, Black life and ultimately Black students…. You chose to violently disrupt the speaker and the space.”



With its positive, pre-emptive spin about globalization and multi-culturalism, Victoria’s Secret seems to have anticipated my response. The brand is leading with the notion that we’re all members of the human race, therefore everything belongs to everyone. But this is exceptional disingenuousness coming from a brand that once put Karlie Kloss in a Native American war bonnet and leopard print underwear. The fact is that even as the world gets more connected, a sexist, patriarchal, mostly white corporation continues to take what it wants for its own gain. Its exploitation of these cultural references is meant to lead directly to profits. And I’m not buying it.



The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit on Monday upheld dismissal of Meanith Huon’s defamation claims against Gawker over the Jezebel post’s headline and reporting. But the panel reversed dismissal of Huon’s defamation claims relating to comments posted to the Jezebel site, concluding, “we see nothing farfetched about Huon’s factual allegations” that Gawker employees, in an attempt to drum up business, wrote the comments.

The Seventh Circuit agreed with Tharp for the most part as to the article but found a single comment to be defamatory. It said: “She jumped out of a moving car, leaving her shoes and purse behind and ran barefoot through a cornfield and pounded on a stranger’s door to help her? Fuck this ‘he’s been acquitted’ noise. He’s a rapist alright, so we may as well call him one.”



The men having sex in the park, they’re also Torontonians, they’re also part of the community. – Jen Roberton, urban planner


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