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This Week In Social Justice | November 27th 2016



In a series of messages on social media days later, Macrina said a vocal minority of the audience cheered after she offered examples of racist and sexist online attacks.

“I called them out,” Macrina tweeted. She described the group of students as “wealthy white teen boys cheering for racist imagery and yelling even louder when called out.”

Macrina began chastising the students, and proceeded to lecture them on white privilege.


Other sources:

HS speaker lectures kids on ‘white privilege’ during presentation on internet safety

Princeton High School, Princeton, NJ



But this new form of entertainment is dangerous. The impact of immersive virtual violence must be questioned, studied and controlled. Before it becomes possible to realistically simulate the experience of killing someone, murder in VR should be made illegal.



Guidance drawn up by Newcastle University warns that students could be so distressed by material dealing with such issues as rape, violence, racism and misogyny that it could affect their academic performance.

If this happened, the case could be referred to a committee of tutors with the power to make “adjustments” to how these students were examined, such as excusing them from completing some of the assessed work.



The brewer’s social conscience isn’t limited to production – progressive messages are proudly plastered right there on the label, covering issues such as sexual consent, first peoples’ rights and immigration. Ice-breaking slogans such as “Consent Can’t Come After You Do” have arrived just in time for summer barbeque season with Trump-loving uncles and laddish high-school acquaintances.

“Sexual consent issues happen a great deal in spaces where people are consuming alcohol at festivals or parties, and we want to have those conversations in those spaces instead of trying to keep them apart,” Barrable-Tishauer says.



Sparkke’s an alcohol brand – and we have a lot of fun. That includes driving social change, one delicious sip at a time, using booze – the great conversation starter of our generation – to spark important discussions about things that matter. We value inclusivity, universal fairness, social equity, individualism and raw truth. And every drop of Sparkke goodness is made with those core values in mind.



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