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The Hillary Supporter That Performed Incest To Defeat Trump

Look, it’s not like I subscribe to /r/incest, ok? It’s just every now and then you hear tale of a post so radioactively cringey, that you just can’t help yourself. I don’t know if this post is real or not. I just know that it exists. This is a thing. Read at your own risk.

I’m officially coming out of the coma I’ve been in since Tuesday to post this since I just have to get all of these emotions I’m feeling off of my chest and I know it’d be deleted anywhere else. Being a normal non-racist individual, I am scared as fuck about the obvious rise of fascism in the United States, and I did everything I could to combat it. I campaigned for Bernie, and then Hillary. I donated every penny of my allowance and didn’t buy anything I wanted. I made phone calls. I talked to dozens of people, in person and online. I did everything I could to convince them to vote Hillary even if it meant using a healthy dose of feminine charm. It was anything for the cause. I turned 18 this August, and I cast my first ever presidential vote for Hillary Rodham Clinton, which I am still proud of even if it failed. I am heartbroken at the results, but I plan to keep fighting and keep organizing against America’s so-called “president elect” (though he will NEVER be my president). I will give my life if necessary to protect the marginalized groups that Trump’s stormtroopers would gladly stomp on.


The only problem is my brother and cousin. My cousin is the same age as me and my brother only 4 years older, so we’ve all been close since we were kids. Politically, we’re very different. I’m a hardcore feminist and they are generic pseudo-libertarian dudebros who are always ranting and raving about “social justice warriors”. I’ve never thought of them as racists, but they’re undereducated to say the least. My brother never went to college. Either way we’ve never let politics get in the way of our relationship, at least not until this election.
They were for Bernie at first, but switched to Trump after Bernie gave speaking time to two BLM members at one of his speeches. I was devastated. Not having my two best friends on my side in this critical election was unacceptable to me. I tried logic. I tried reason. I tried begging, pleading, and screaming like I used to do as a little kid. I tried being flirty and telling them how attractive progressive men are. Nothing worked. They refused to understand how dangerous Trump is, instead simply grumbling about the media being “biased”. That is until one night when I was able to reach them.
We were all high watching random videos on YouTube and talking about random stuff. One of my favorite songs came on and I started dancing a bit to it, probably more sexually than I normally would have in front of them while sober. I had broken up with my boyfriend earlier in the week (for non-political reasons as I was just tired of him and looking for something new) so it was weirdly satisfying to get some male attention even though I’m not really attracted to either one of them. (They’re both young gangly kind of nerdy guys and I tend to go for more built men so…) I couldn’t quite tell if they were transfixed by me or just really high, but finally my cousin piped up and said “You know if there were more hot liberal chicks like you, I’d vote for Clinton.” I smiled and told them there were plenty and they just had to look for them. So my brother said “Show us what we’re missing.”
My stoned brain thought this was a hilarious idea, so I turned on a sexier song and started doing a sort of semi-striptease kind of thing, grinding on their laps a bit. They were sort of teasing me back, saying stuff like “Yeah maybe you’re right about feminism after all.” and “Wow Clinton’s policies really aren’t that bad.” as my brother smacked my ass. I pulled my skirt back down and told him that only feminists get to touch that. We were all laughing and having a good time, though I was getting a bit nervous since I could feel them getting hard and it was getting difficult to keep up the “jokey” atmosphere. Eventually my brother’s hands slipped on to my breasts to start groping them, and I decided to be done. I pulled him off of me, said he was acting like a pervert and we’re all really high and don’t know what were doing (lie), and went to collect my shirt.
That’s when he piped up. “If you blow me I’ll vote Clinton. I’ll campaign and donate too.” I nearly jumped out of my skin and couldn’t think of words to respond. Then my cousin joined in. “Me too.” is all he said. I didn’t know what to say, but my baked brain began convincing me it was a good idea. They were both likely virigns so they wouldn’t last that long, and it was to stop what could literally still be the next Hitler. Every vote matters, and I could literally be preventing state-sponsored murders. I have gay and Muslim friends and I’m not going to let Trump march them off to a death camp. People have given their lives to stop fascism before. I could easily give two blowjobs. Plus we live in a swing state and though I thought Trump had no chance of winning even reducing the probability of it happening by 1% seemed worth it. I normally wouldn’t do anything like this of course but I had no choice then. Desperate times call for desperate measures. So I did it. I sauntered over to them still without my shirt on, made them pinky promise that they would hold up their end of the bargain, and then I started unzipping my cousin’s pants. He shot quickly as I had assumed. He was already humping the air like a horny chihuahua before I had even put his dick in my mouth, and it was maybe two minutes before he started cumming. There was a lot of it, so even though I pulled away he still got some on my face and clothes which was gross. He kept trying to angle his hips forward to get more of it on me which let me see his butthole twitching and had me giggling. It wasn’t so bad. My brother gave him a high five and my cousin admitted it was his first blowjob and thanked me. I wiped a bit of the cum off of me and then got on my knees again in front of my brother who is pretty big for a white guy actually.
It was horrible. He facefucked the shit out of me and nearly made me vomit. I could barely breathe the entire time and he lasted for AT LEAST 25 minutes. He groped my tits and pulled on my hair super roughly. I tried to get off his crotch as he started cumming but he forced me to swallow and it was just endless globs of this nasty spunk. It was disgusting. I’ve given 8 guys blowjobs including my cousin and NONE of them were like this. The creepy college-aged guy who hung around kid parties and convinced me to give him one when I was WAY too young was more of a gentleman about it. Even my cousin was getting uncomfortable watching and went into the corner of the room to play Overwatch. After my brother finished he tried to say something to me, but I quickly left the room trying not to cry in front of them. I threw up a bit into the toilet in my bathroom and passed out onf my bed. My cousin went home and my brother came into my room later to cuddle me. I was scared at first, but he didn’t seem to have any bad intentions so I snuggled up to him. We didn’t say anything and fell asleep.
Afterwards they did what they promised. I was wary of them at first but they proved themselves to me. They weren’t happy about it, but they did everything you could have reasonably asked to help Hillary get elected. They both voted by mail to prove their vote and show their ballots to me. Even though I wasn’t pleased with how it came about, I was happy to have them on my side. (It wasn’t the last sex act I did to try and turn a voter anyway though that guy was hot and it was a one and done kind of thing regardless.) We had fun campaigning together even if they still didn’t support her politically. We never brought up the night that started things even though I kept lightly flirting with them a bit to keep them interested. But they still refused to believe that Trump would lose. They would promise me every day that Trump was going to win no matter what we did. Like most people I was completely convinced that he had no chance. The media said so, FiveThirtyEight said so, and all of the campaign workers told me that Hillary’s internal polling was great. I didn’t really care what they believed as long as they followed orders but their arrogance was annoying me a bit.
So I said if they’re really that confident, we should bet on it. I told them that if they were really that sure of Trump’s victory then they should agree to pay me 5,000 dollars and get a feminist tattoo on their face if he loses. They balked and said those terms are unreasonable. So I asked them what they’d want if Trump won. My brother spoke up and said that if Trump wins I have to be their sex slave for his entire presidency. I was shocked and told him that was insane, but he said “Well you made an insane proposal first.” I didn’t want to back down so I said yes. It was just a joke to me anyway. I knew Trump was going to lose hard and I probably wouldn’t have even made them do what I requested. I just wanted bragging rights.
And then it happened. I still can’t believe it. It’s like a nightmare. But I’m sure all of reddit feels the same way so I won’t bother elaborating. He won. My brother and cousin were ecstatic. I didn’t go to school and spent the entirety of yesterday crying in bed and eating ice cream bars and they pretty much left me alone.
Then I got a text on my phone today from my brother while walking home from school. “I hope you’re ready for January. My dick is excited.” I texted him back telling him to fuck off and asking what his dick had to do with anything. He texted me back: “Our bet remember?” I sent a violent screed to him telling him that this election was no game, the bet was off, and he could go die in a fire. I’m not proud of everything that I said but he deserved it. He then sent me back something that nearly made me shit myself. It was an image of me dancing on them from that night. He’s a paranoid privacy freak, and our druggie brother used to steal money from people’s rooms all the time until he got kicked out, so it shouldn’t have surprised me that he had a hidden camera in there, but it did. Then he sent me another text. “A deal’s a deal and we wouldn’t want the whole world to know what kind of deals you’re making right? Don’t be like crooked Hillary and get wikileaked. :)” He’s threatening to blackmail me. I started sobbing again on the sidewalk and frantically texted my cousin, but he agreed with my brother. He tried to put it “nicely” saying he’s always had a crush on me and that it won’t be so bad. I ran home and I’ve been holed up in my room since.
I do NOT want to have any more sexual contact with these two, or any contact at all after this. Our friendship is ruined and I cannot believe that they’d tried to force me into honoring this ridiculous “bet”. That hurts worse than anything. I thought they really cared about me. This is RAPE. I absolutely cannot have the videos of that night getting out though. I’d be RUINED at school much less life and my new boyfriend would BREAK UP with me for sure. I need to find some way to make these two Trump Jr. shitfucks back down before January. I was thinking of finding the most “ghetto” (what they would think of as that) black dudes I can and getting myself on camera with them. Hopefully they’d think I’m “used up” or whatever bullshit they believe in then and not want me. I don’t know. I don’t want to do that either. I’m still a virgin. I mostly only do oral, and I’ve only done anal once. I’m not some Jesus freak who is saving it for marriage, but I was going to give it to a special guy at least. No matter what I do NOT want to fuck these two losers. The thought disgusts me. So how do I get out of this? I am in tears and shaking. Please give me some good advice.



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