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Muslim Student That Faked Trump Supporter Hate Crime Charged

According to Lafayette Police, the student, who fabricated the story about being robbed, is now facing a charge of filing a false police report, as reported by

A day after she reported it, police say a woman made up a story about being assaulted by a man wearing a Trump hat.

The woman called police Wednesday to say that two white men, one wearing a Trump hat, hit her several times, screamed racial slurs at her and stole her wallet and hijab. Lafayette police have been investigating the incident as an armed robbery and hate crime.


Across the country, a rash of fake hate crimes have occurred in the wake of Trump’s election.

At Northwestern University in Illinois, two students painted swastikas and “Trump” on the campus Church. As reported by

Police said the students were filmed by security cameras breaking into the chapel on Friday night. The next day after which they appear to have spray-painted swastikas, pictures of genitals, racist slurs against African Americans and Muslims, homophobic slurs, and the word “Trump,” according to the Tribune.



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