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The End of Ladies Night : Tony Roma’s Settles Suit for $370k

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Tony Roma’s has agreed to settle two related gender discrimination class action lawsuits with a group of patrons who allege the restaurant treated them unequally by requiring them to pay different prices for their drinks based on their gender.

Under the terms of the settlement, WDI (the parent company of Tony Roma’s) will pay a total of $370,000

Ladies Night is not the first casualty of a world gone mad with anti-discrimination fever, nor will it be the last. In the past, courts have not been overly receptive to men complaining about gender discrimination, but as the rallying cries of third wave feminists to achieve gender equality have reached a truly fevered pitch, those reluctances seem to be diminishing.

Other lawsuits we’ve seen over the last couple years include a man that sued a Twin Peaks “breastaurant” for not hiring male servers, a woman’s only networking group called Chic CEO, The Oakland A‘s for giving out caps to women on Mother’s Day and, earlier this year, Harvard announced it would be barring any members of same-sex clubs from student leadership positions.

The sword swings both ways, of course. Other gender discrimination allegations against men’s only spaces we have seen recently include lawsuits against men’s only barber shops and a campaign to let girls into the Boy Scouts of America.


What we are experiencing is a very natural human reaction that says, “if I can’t have my fun, then neither can you“. The war on female privilege is the natural result of years of middle class women goading men with open hypocrisy with a slew of mainstream publications that attempt to argue in favor of woman only spaces and against male only spaces in the same breath.



It is deeply ironic that those who pride themselves on being so “woke” are seemingly blind to the idea that equality is a two way street. When I shared the above meme about women’s only gyms on my Facebook page, I received many typical comments such as:






Ok? So assuming, hypothetically, we can all agree that men are a threat to the safety and comfort of women, where then do we draw the line?

Imagine defending the idea of a white’s only country club by saying “a lot of them get nervous or uncomfortable dining around black people.” Imagine defending the idea of a men’s club (like The Garrick Club above) by saying “It’s horrible for men to want to go have a drink and not be nagged by attention seekers”, imagine defending a men’s only barber shop by saying “Have you ever been to a barber shop? The people there like to have good conversations.”

The reason people hate MRAs so much is because these arguments force them to face the uncomfortable truth that, deep in their heart of hearts, they believe that discrimination against men, and against men only, is often justified.

And hell, maybe it is, in certain circumstances, but it’s hard for us to consciously recognize that in so many words without pondering, having accepted that particular black pill, what other forms of discrimination might be justified?

In the meantime, while we avoid having this taboo discussion in a candid fashion, Cultural Marxism will continue to spread like a virus, to the detriment of both fun and capitalism.

RIP in Peace, Ladies Night.



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