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Man Falsely Accused of Rape is Beheaded by Psycho Boyfriend

Feminists often tell us that false accusations of rape are so rare that they are not something we should be concerned with. Perhaps they should try telling that to the faces of those that have had their lives ruined by such allegations. Of course, for some, like 19 year old Artyom Shustov, they will never have the chance to be told how harmless these allegations are, since the lies lead directly to their deaths.

As reported by the New York Post, a 17 year old girl had posted an image of her and Shustov together at a party. When the girls boyfriend, a 16-year-old kickboxer saw the photo, he confronted his girlfriend, who told him that Shustov had forced himself on her.

However, eye witnesses at the party have testified to the police that they saw the girl initiate contact with Shustov.

“We were then in the apartment with them and personally saw what was happening,” said one friend.

“The next day, [the girl] obviously regretted what had happened and she told her boyfriend.

“Yet she explained it as if Artyom had harassed her and tried to rape her,” reported the local newspaper.

The boyfriend later confronted Artyom in a park. Artyom tried to explain what happened, but the young love sick 16 year old was in such a state of rage that he pulled a knife, murdered Shustov, proceeded to cut of his head and then carried his trophy to the woman that he believed had been brutally victimized and showed it to her as a way of proving his love.

The young murder is of course facing a very long prison stint, the innocent victim, Shustov has been taken from the world in a brutal fashion and the young woman who set the whole thing off, first by being a slut and second by lying about it to avoid any consequences, a heartless and callous lie which directly lead to the brutal death of an innocent man…that young woman will likely face no consequences for her actions, you know, since the dead can’t really sue for slander.


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