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Lena Dunham Calls For Extinction of White Males

Former sister diddler and aspiring edgelord, Lena Dunham, sent out a tweet yesterday in which she asks her father, Carroll, how are you feeling about the extinction of white men?

Carroll DunhamCarroll Dunham

The mega-cuck’s response?

Straight white men are a big problem, that’s for sure. High time for straight white males to step back.

At this point the animation shows a, presumably, straight white male being squished by a massive high-heeled foot, complete with squish sound. And then Lena is heard to proudly proclaim “That’s my dad!”

The short animation is a disturbing testament to the ever increasing trend of unmasked hateful rhetoric directed at white men. This form of smug, regressive virtue signalling still ever popular among the liberal elite that are happy to see merit replaced with diversity, safe in the knowledge that the millions of dollars they have their bank accounts padded with will allow them to weather whatever storm might come about as a result of more affirmative action and gender quotas.



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