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This Week In Social Justice | October 16th 2016

Privately educated drug dealer spared jail as it would 'blight' her career


Poppy Murray, a 22-year-old undergraduate, helped her younger brother Joel, 19, sell recreational narcotics in Manchester.

Murray’s defense lawyer, Richard English, said she did not think she was doing anything morally wrong.

He also claimed she had started suffering from anxiety and eczema due to the case and had to drop out of her studies at Leeds University.

Joel was handed a seven-year prison sentence, while Poppy received a suspended sentence and 80 hours of unpaid work.

Her little brother really got off easy after jeopardizing the career of such a promising young debutante.  Just another disgusting display of male privilege, to be quite honest.

Firebombing 'an attack on democracy'


Hillsborough police said somebody threw a bottle of flammable liquid through the window of Orange County’s GOP headquarters, setting campaign signs, supplies and furniture ablaze before burning itself out.

A swastika and “Nazi Republicans get out of town or else” were spray painted on the side of an adjacent building. No damage estimates were available.

The county is overwhelmingly Democratic. Democrats and independents outnumber Republicans 5-1

Look, I’m not saying there’s a civil war coming, I’m just saying that my bayonet is well polished.

NSPCC scraps debate on trans children after complaints


The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children announced earlier this week that it is holding a ‘Dare to Debate’ session on October 25, with the subject ‘Is society letting transgender children down?’.

But in a statement today, it confirmed the event would be axed, after it became clear the trans community would shun the debate.

Ha! Dare to Debate. It was literally called Dare to Debate and they pussied out. You can’t make this stuff up.

WikiLeaks: Podesta lamented that a muslim, not a white man, named as killer in 2015 massacre


Top Hillary Clinton aides were upset a Muslim man was publicly named as the shooter in a 2015 massacre that left 14 people dead, and a longtime Clinton confidant even expressed regret that the terrorist wasn’t a white man, according to purported emails released by WikiLeaks on Sunday.

The emails were part of a trove of messages stolen from the gmail account of Clinton campaign chair John Podesta, who has had a long association with the Democratic presidential nominee and her husband, former President Bill Clinton. The email chain began on Dec. 2, when digital operative Matt Ortega forwarded a tweet from MSNBC host Christopher Hayes that named one of the shooters in the San Bernardino, Calif., attack as Sayeed Farook. Consultant Karen Finney forwarded the email to Podesta, commenting, “Damn.”

Podesta responded: “Better if a guy named Sayeed Farouk [sic] was reporting that a guy named Christopher Hayes was the shooter.”

This really should come as no surprise to anyone who follows us here at I,Hypocrite, where we have previously examined in great depth, the leftist mouth frothing in the hopes of a right wing radical being responsible every time there is breaking news of a shooting.

Of course it is still a bit disconcerting to know that the same opportunistic white bashing exists among those who may soon govern America.

Houson's Coach Pecks Away at Football's Macho Culture, a kiss at a Timevia

“A kiss on the cheek is when he shows his love for us,” Houston safety Garrett Davis said, adding, “No one here is thinking, ‘Oh, I shouldn’t let him kiss me.’”

When Herman greeted the Cougars as they walked single file into the visitors’ locker room at Navy last weekend, only a handful of players appeared bashful before stepping into his embrace. The kisses came with a hug and, in some cases, words whispered into one ear or boisterous greetings such as, “And this guy!” and “I love you, buddy!”

“From what I can gather,” McCloskey said, “your importance to the team is directly related to the duration of your kiss. If you stay more than five seconds there, you’re a ‘dude,’ as he calls it.”

Is Tom Herman gay or straight?

Ok, look, I’m not saying this is a huge problem. Some might argue that those nubile young black men are being kiss-raped, but I always say if people don’t want contact then they should say so. Still, it’s hard to imagine that this would be written about so positively in the media if it were, you know, a straight guy kissing a woman’s team.

Bob Dulan's Nobel prize isn't radical. He's just another white male writer.


Giving the award to any white male writer, no matter what form he writes in, is in no way innovative or inspired. It is simply a return to the status quo – albeit in a different genre.

What a wonderful insight into the mind of the obsession of identity politics, and it’s natural conclusion, ie: anti-white racism, laid bare for the world to see. Any normal person would understand that to award the prize to a musician is a legitimately unexpected move, while no normal person gives a shit what race or gender the person winning is.

The real irony, of course, is that the music of Bob Dylan has a long and lustrous history of speaking out against the status quo and speaking up for the marginalized of society. This guy was writing songs like The Hurricane while Natalie Kon-yu was just a glimmer in her daddies eye. I mean imagine, just imagine, how far up their own ass someone has to lodge their head in order to be able to say “fuck Bob Dylan, Bob Dylan ain’t shit”. Imagine that.

Bonus tidbit, Natalie pretty much has a career of whining about not getting prizes for writing about men getting too many prizes for writing. The Guardian really has no standards.

On sexism in literary prize culture

How to raise kids not to be racist


Rather than ignore race, experts urge parents to discuss them as soon as possible — ideally from the time children are three years old.

Jillian Roberts, a Victoria-based educational psychologist and mother-of-three, believes “it’s most important for Caucasian families to have these conversations” because “a Caucasian child … might not have any clue or perception of what discrimination means.”

And pretty much the whole rest of the article is Trump bashing. Anyway, I couldn’t agree more, which is why I’m regularly infusing my 4 year old daughter with guilt, only the white half of her, of course.

Australian students to be taught about 'male privilege


Students will explore issues around social inequality, gender-based violence and male privilege.

However, a report on a 2015 pilot trial accused it of presenting all men as “bad” and all women as “victims”.

Jeremy Sammut, a senior research fellow at the Centre for Independent Studies, a libertarian think tank, told The Australian newspaper that it amounted to “taxpayer-funded indoctrination” of children.

“The idea behind this programme – that all men are latent abusers by nature of the ‘discourse’ – is an idea that only cloistered feminist academics could love,” Dr Sammut said.

Dr. Sammut Nailed it, seriously, who are the ad wizards that came up with this one?


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