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Top 10 Feminist Hustlers

Honourable Mention Jenny McDermott
Failed GoFundMe ($750), Patreon ($71/mo)

Jenny McDermott is a second-rate and decidedly undistinguished YouTuber most famous for being constantly embroiled in social justice clusterfucks such as being part of the flash pussy mob that attempted to get Phil Mason, aka Thunderf00t, fired from his job with a failed letter writing campaign of lolcow proportions or lobbing completely baseless accusations of rape against the Armored Skeptic.

Jenny receives the honourable mention spot on our list mostly for the fraudulent gofundme campaign she started after a mysterious fire burned down the restaurant she was waitressing at in November of last year. Jenny claimed she and her fellow coworkers were literally starving and facing eviction from their homes as a result and was asking the internet to send her fifteen thousand dollars.

Jenny McDermott's fraudulent gofundme campaign

This was eventually brought to the attention of her employers who promptly fired Jenny and had the gofundme shut down, as the workers wages were all being covered by the insurance, even including tips. You can watch Charmingman93‘s video for the full details on her fraudulent campaign.

Jenny McDermott on Patreon

Jenny also has a patreon account to support her YouTube channel where she says she needs money “to mitigate the victimization…from online harassment and to get therapy for the abuse I receive from trolls.”, as well as claiming to have skin cancer. Currently she is receiving $71 per month, which is almost three times what my patreon makes, so, you know, that makes me feel pretty good about life in general.

Jenny McDermott claims to have cancer

Jenny really is the gift that keeps giving and you never know where she’s going to pop up next. For example, there is currently, at the very time of this writing, someone on GoFundMe going by the name Jennifer McDermott, complaining that GoFundMe forced her to disclose her identity, and asking for sixty thousand dollars to distribute bottles of water to the people of Flint, Michigan.

Jenny McDermott is going to distribute water to the people of flint, she just needs sixty thousand dollars

It’s truly inspiring to see people so selflessly willing to donate their time and energy like that.

#10) Laughing Witch
Failed FundAnything ($2,421)

While Jenny McDermott was involved in the letter writing campaign to get Thunderf00t fired from his job, her partner in crime, the Laughing Witch, aka Jennifer Keller-Burns was the real mastermind spearheading the charge.

After the entire misguided and vindictive endeavor failed miserably, in which Laughing Witch doxed herself, and Thunderf00t himself made some hilariously scathing exposes on the entire situation, Jenny Keller went running to the media with cries of harassment and bullying.

Of course, the media will never miss the opportunity to white knight a delicate victim of misogyny, and thusly did Jennifer  use the momentum to launch right into a fundraising campaign to “save her business” from, and I quote, a “brigading cyber review attack”

Laughing Witch brigading cyber review attack defense fund

Of course it then came out that Jen and her husband had lost a judgement in a lawsuit over credit card debt and that the amount of money owed in the lawsuit was right around twenty-five thousand dollars for unpaid credit card debt, leading many to speculate that the entire crowdfunding endeavor was just a ploy to pay the judgement.

#9) Tess Holliday
T-shirt Scam ($3,900+)

$3,900 is the minimum that we can accuse plus-sized model Tess Holliday of scamming, based on her own words, although the actual value of the t-shirt scam was surely much higher, but rather than wander into possible libel territory, I’ll just present the facts as I know them and let you be the judge.

Tess Holliday

Way back in early 2014, Tess Holliday launched a presale for a custom line of t-shirts called Eff Your Beauty Standards. The price of each shirt was $35 US, and on the sales page Tess also promised to donate a share of the proceeds to, a charity dedicated to helping victims of domestic violence. Tess herself claimed to have been a victim of domestic violence and used the charitable cause to drum up lots of publicity for her campaign.

The shirts were suppose to ship in March of 2014 but as time went by there was a growing rumbling of something being amiss. Reports started piling up of people paying for shirts and never receiving them. Some of these people even claimed Tess would block them on social media when they tried to contact her about not receiving the product. As this rumbling grew louder and louder people also began to question the charitable aspect and soon began demanding Tess produce proof of her donation, which she failed to do for the longest time.

Tess Holliday responds to accusations of scamming people

Finally, in December of 2015, Tess could no longer ignore the scandal and addressed it in an interview with Refinery29, and later a follow up with The bustle interview is particularly interesting as Tess tries to downplay the entire fiasco by saying that it was only “around” 140 shirts that weren’t shipped, compared to over 3,000 that were shipped fine. Proof of the charitable donation was also finally produced, in the amount of $1,000.

Given the cost of the shirts, even if we assume that Tess is being completely honest about the amount that was never delivered, that would be $4,900 of pure, unbridled profit. Take away the paltry $1,00 donation and you arrive at our total of $3,900 effectively scammed, which is of course ignoring the $105,000 worth of retail sales that were shipped.

It’s also worth noting that considering how long it took Tess to make the donation, and the amount of ever increasing scrutiny that she was under, I don’t think it’s unfair to speculate about whether or not she ever would have made that donation at all, absent said scrutiny.

People don’t take very kindly to scams that involve charities, which is probably why Tess was voted in as the first ever Hypocrite Of The Year for 2015. An honor that I hope to make more and more meaningful as time goes on.

#8) Matt Hickey
GoFundMe ($4,178)

Disgraced tech journalist Matt Hickey was once an editor for TechCrunch and Gizmodo, and has spent the past three years as a writer for Forbes where, among other things, he threw a journalistic tantrum because Microsoft hired dancers for a party at a gaming conference.

Matt Hickey, alleged sexual predator shames microsoft for dancing girlsMatt also an outspoken critic of gamergate back in 2014, where he warned people not to join what he called ‘a bad gang’.

Matt Hickey warns people not to join GamerGate

In a not-so-surprising-yet-dark-all-the-same twist, it turns out that our boy was by all accounts an incredibly devious sexual predator who used fake online profiles to catfish young women on Facebook by offering to help them start a lucrative career in pornography and then sending them to his real house for an ‘audition’.

Just imagine you’re a young aspiring pornstar and you get sent to your first audition and this is what greets you:

Matt Hickey

One of the girls was so overcome with grief from the experience that she slit her wrists. Matt makes our list because back in January he set up a gofundme campaign to raise money for a pilonidal cyst he claimed to have, or as he put it, getting his butt fixed.

Matt needs his butt fixed

Matt’s campaign raised just under $4,200 US and considering we’re talking about a guy who [allegedly] impersonated a real girl he knew from highschool in order to lure young and impressionable young women into drunken sex, one has to wonder if there was ever really a cyst at all.

Either way, since the story of Matt’s exploits broke last June it’s unlikely he’ll be doing anymore crowdfunding in the near future, much less posturing as some kind of defender of feminist ideals.

#7) Clementine Ford
$3,000+ per podcast

As far back as May of 2015, legendary battle axe, Clementine Ford began hyping a podcast she was planning to start, called The Misandry Hour. The oldest available archive of Clementine’s Patreon account shows that she was being pledged almost $1,500 per month as far back as June of 2015, several months before the first episode of her podcast ever came out.

Listen to the first episode of Clementine Ford's new podcast, 'The Misandry Hour'

Finally, in September of 2015 the first episode of The Misandry Hour dropped. In the more than year since, Clem has managed to produce a grand total of 5 additional episodes. The latest episode was over 2 months ago, and the one before that 5 months prior, with the average episode coming in at just under one hour in length.

What’s important to keep in mind here is that Clementine billed this to her patrons as a monthly podcast, still does, in fact. Which means that she has failed to deliver on at least half of the episodes.

Clementine Ford has failed to delivery on at least 6 episodes of her podcast

Checking her average donations on shows a noticeable trend. It’s almost as if when people are paying you to put out a one hour podcast every month, the one thing they sort of expect is for you to actually do the fucking podcast.

Clementine Ford's declining patreon support

#6 Kiva Bay
Kickstarter ($31,146) Patreon ($517/mo)

In May of 2015, feminist artist and Jabba the Hut cosplay enthusiast, Kiva Bay launched a kickstarter campaign to create a “feminist deck”, essentially a collection of drawings of modern day feminists turned into playing cards. The cards would feature the cartoon likeness of such modern day luminaries as Anita Sarkeesian, Randi Harper, Brianna Wu and others, with a funding target of thirty thousand dollars.

Randi Harper from the feminist deck
Pictured: Uncanny Likeness of Randi Harper

The project was promoted by the likes of Feminist Frequency and Wil Whedon, and was able to reach it’s full funding and then some with $31,146 in funding. Sadly, the dream was never to come to fruition. After many delays and sparse updates, in July of 2016, Kiva finally announced that she was abandoning the project, citing the usual feminist goto’s of harassment, anxiety and depression.

This caused some to take a closer look at how Kiva had been spending her time during the lifespan of the project. And the discoveries included activities such as producing many commissioned works, making other works for her patreon supporters, tweeting almost 300 times per day and making YouTube videos about smoking weed.

Kiva Bay is smoking weed on YouTube

#5) Julie Baker
(relentlessly gay) 43k

On 16 June 2015, Baltimore resident Julie Baker initiated a GoFundMe campaign titled “Relentlessly Gay,” saying that she had been prompted to start it at the suggestion of her 17-year-old daughter when an anonymous neighbor sent her a letter regarding rainbow jar lights displayed in her yard. The note read: “Your yard is becoming Relentlessly Gay! Myself and Others in the neighborhood ask that you Tone it Down. This is a Christian area and there are Children. Keep it up and I will be forced to call the police on You! Your kind need to have Respect for GOD.”

Julie Baker

Baker’s GoFundMe campaign description stated that she wanted donations in order to “make my home even more ‘relentlessly gay’

On 17 June 2015, a friend of Baker’s published a photograph of the note to the popular Facebook page of Star Trek actor George Takei. From there, tens of thousands of users shared the missive.

Predictably, the suddenly viral GoFundMe campaign attracted some skepticism. Social media users questioned whether the note at the heart of the matter was real. Critics particularly seized on the detail that the anonymous (and therefore untraceable) note and Baker’s own writings shared the same curious pattern of superfluously capitalized words.

Relentlessly Gay capitalization

Although Baker had stated the previous day that police were “satisfied” with her claim, a detective at Baker’s local precinct said that Baker was either unwilling or unable to produce the letter in question, and that she had maintained it was no longer in her possession.

On 23 July 2015, Perry Hall Maryland’s Patch site published an article titled “$40K Later, ‘Relentlessly Gay’ Yard Unchanged,” which reported:

The Baltimore County woman who raised more than $43,000 to decorate her home with rainbows after she said a neighbor wrote a threatening note about her “relentlessly gay” yard does not appear to have purchased any decorations.

On 18 August 2015, Baker (or a representative for her) published an update to her GoFundMe page stating that all donations would be returned to Relentlessly Gay campaign donors. I was unable to find any updates on whether or not the funds had actually been returned.


#4) Brianna Wu
Kickstarter ($12,728) Patreon (50k+)

Brianna Wu is an indy game developer, in the same sense that any kid that every built a text based choose your own adventure in qbasic or authorware is an indy game developer. After publishing her not exactly groundbreaking game, Revolution60, on iOS, Brianna started a kickstarter campaign with a goal of five thousand dollars to port her game to PC and Mac, with a targeted release date of August 2014.

In spite of being both a critical and commercial failure, the campaign to port Revolution60 raised $12,728, this would no doubt be partially due to Brianna’s commitment to improve diversity in the gaming industry which she mostly expresses by disparaging white males every chance she gets.

However, things did not go exactly as planned for B-Wu’s PC debut as, shortly after starting the project, she became embroiled in what is now commonly referred to as the GamerGate controversy, likely due to openly antagonizing anyone and everyone involved.


In spite of being caught multiple times harassing herself in false flag campaigns, Brianna was able to cultivate a healthy presence on, sometimes earning over three and a half thousand dollars a month, all of which presumably also went in the production of the Revolution60 PC version, as well as, and I quote, “deal with harrasment”.

wu needs help dealing with harrassment

In fact Brianna even claimed that the lion’s share of the money was going to an employee named Natalie O’Brien, whom no one has ever seen even a picture of which has led many to speculate that she is simply another of Wu’s many blatant fabrications.

The punchline to all this of course is that it took 2 full years past the august 2014 target release date for Revolution60 to finally appear on Steam, making it possibly one of the most expensive and lengthiest ports in gaming history.

Brianna Wu's patreon account is on the decline

All good things must come to an end however, as, much as we saw with Clementine Ford,  Wu’s patreon has has been on steady decline for a while now. Looks it’s time to fire up those sock puppets!

#3) Randi Harper
Patreon ($100k+)

Randi Lee Harper who still uses the handle freebsdgirl on many platforms, in spite of being ostracized from the freebsd community, is a notorious SJW bully and mediocre programmer who’s main claim to fame, like most feminists on this list, is being the target of “online hate & trolls”.

randi lee harper

Randi’s Patreon description proudly announces that is creating “Online Activism and Open Source Anti-Harassment Tools“. Online activism must be in high demand these days, as the first link to her open source anti-harassment tools,, is a dead link. I guess it’s hard to cover the $150 dollar cost (give or take) for a year’s hosting when you are only pulling in $3,500 per month.

Randi Harper is creating online activism and open source anti-harassment tools

It’s really difficult to find any programming contributions Randi has given to the world in the last year, but she has done a few blog posts on medium, so I guess the online activism is going strong. Like many of the people on this list, Randi’s Patreon talks at length about her victimization at the hands of GamerGate.

Because I’m very public about my goals, I am constantly under fire from GamerGate and other hate groups. I can’t go to a conference without a security escort. I had to move to a different state and go into hiding after being SWATed. It’s been a wild ride.

Also like others on this list, her graphtreon shows a negative trend as of late. Being anti GamerGate just doesn’t seem to carry as much weight as we approach 2017.

Randi Harper graphtreon

#2) Zoe Tiberius Quinn
(Fortunes Untold)

Zoe Quinn, ne Chelsea Van Valkenburg, is famous for her involvement in GamerGate and being the indy “developer” behind Depression Quest. A game, and I say this as a legitimate retro text based gaming enthusiast, so dismally joyless, so somberly inauspicious, so lacklusterly torpid that, again, no degree of hyperbole whatsoever, is without question the worst piece of shit I ever wasted 10 minutes of my life playing.


In fact, as someone with a background in programming, it’s worth noting that calling Zoe Quinn a developer is like calling someone who spends an afternoon wiping up a wordpress site a developer. I could probably write Depression Quest in a day or two, no exaggeration. Hell, I wrote games like that back in ’88 in qBasic, and was making more advanced games in Authoreware™ in ’92.

But none of that stopped the gumptious spark plug known as Zoe from riding her pretentious chef d’oeuvre all the way to fame and riches, and she only had to fuck five gaming journalists to get there. Now, these exploits have been well documented and you can read about if all over the internet on places like,, and my personal favorite, the Internet Aristocrat video series.

zoe quinn

Suffice it to say that in addition to fucking her way into good publicity, Zoe employed all the same tacticts as others on this list from promising to donate portions of her depressionquest donations to charities which never heard from her, to faking her own harassment as a springboard for patreon donations, and later she started a project for a game jam which was promoted by the journalists she boned, accepted donations to her personal paypal account and which years later still hasn’t happened.

There’s endless more drama surrounding this lolcow of course, not least of which is the recent leaks of Zoe’s Crash Override Network which show her and her friends targeting people online for abuse and harassment, or the campaign of abuse Zoe and Randi launched against socialautopsy creator, Candace Owens.

Although Zoe has been well funded on Patreon and via untold amounts in paypal donations over the last couple years she still has to put out a new game since Depression Quest dropped back in February of ’13, well over three years. Just like the other hustlers on the list, Zoe’s patreon trend shows the slowly but surely, the public at large is getting tired of sending welfare checks to this unproductive adult child.

zoe quinn patreon not doing so good, all things considered

#1) Anita Sarkeesian
$$ One Million+ $$

tropes vs women in video games imbd rating

As if you guys didn’t know this was coming. When it comes to feminist hustlers, Anita Sarkeesian is the proverbial last boss. Over a million dollars raised for her Tropes vs. Women in gaming series via the original Kickstarter campaign and tax deductable donations to Feminist Frequency, and yet over three years later Anita still has not delivered on the promises from the original Kickstarter campaign.

kickstarter funding for tropes vs women

Before becoming the most iconic feminist of modern day history by making videos about strategic butt coverings, Anita was an internet scam artist involved in a pyramid scheme of trying to convince people to buy online teleseminars.

After raising a million dollars to make YouTube videos about women’s skimpy clothing in video games, Anita went on to deliver one of said videos approximately every 1.5 years, with the help of stolen game footage she has repeatedly been caught using.

In addition to that, you can also hire Anita to speak at your event, for twenty thousand dollars. Perhaps you’ld like to hire her to espouse her views on racial segregation in the classroom?

I've actually read many studies that state the opposite, that gender segregated classrooms improve learning (same with race)

Even with almost half the Tropes vs Women videos still waiting to be completed, over three years past the deadline, Anita went back to the crowdfunding well and raised over two hundred thousand dollars to turn some wikipedia articles into animated YouTube videos, because feminism.


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