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This Week In Social Justice | September 25th 2016


You know, when I originally started this series, the intent was to shock people into acknowledge the level of insanity that PC culture has reached. However, I’ve put a lot of time and energy every week into curating the most outrageous stories and then writing them up with my patented combo of rationality and witticism which I like to refer to as shitlording™.

But let’s be honest, you lovely readers don’t need me to explain to you why this stuff is stupid, which is why, in the interest of pursuing my original mandate of exposing the sheer scale, the absurd quantity of the problem we are facing, today I am just doing to dump headlines on you guys with the occasional block quote and yes, the odd quip, in a veritable SocJus lightning round. Let’s begin.

Mispronouncing Student's Name Now Considered a 'Microaggression'

Mispronouncing Student’s Name Now Considered a ‘Microaggression’


In a 2014 Cult of Pedagogy blog post, former teacher Jennifer Gonzalez claimed that “mutilating someone’s name is a tiny act of bigotry. Whether you intend to or not, what you’re communicating is this: Your name is different. Foreign. Weird. It’s not worth my time to get it right….

I sort of agree with this one which is why every time Sum f67 mispronounces the name of a criminal BLM supporter brave activist in one of these videos, I make him go back to the boiler room without his daily bowl of gruel. For those that have been commenting on the occasional whispers of ‘help me’ which can be heard at certain points in these videos, now you know why and please keep in my mind that this tough love hurts me more than it hurts him.

French Burkini controversy was set-up by muslim activist in concert with television station

French Burkini Controversy Was Set-Up By Muslim Activists In Concert With Television Station


[The Australian] said the footage had been selectively edited and distorted in order to reach “predetermined conclusions”. The paper called the exercise unethical, and “the latest example of calculated French-bashing fuelled by collusion between the goals of political Islam and compliant media outlets seeking culture clash cliches”.

It’s easy to be mad at the media for manufacturing outrage, but at the end of the day I blame the unwashed hordes of righteously indignant offendotrons that make this a viable business model.

Ex-husband of labour's domestic abuse minister 'still has nightmares about her' after attack during divource

Ex-husband of Labour’s domestic abuse Minister ‘still has nightmares about her’ after attack during divorce


But the Rotherham MP – who faced calls to resign last night – told a national newspaper the violent bust-up came after she had been ‘provoked for years’ by Mr Hoyland.

Miss Champion, 47, who had ended up in a police cell, claimed the altercation was over who would keep a valuable painting. She said: ‘I’m not proud of what happened and I accept I was in the wrong, but I have nothing to hide.’

Hahaha, what? How is this real? Like, you had one job, nigga. Hahaha. Fucking resign.

JOrdan writer in blashpemy case Nahid Hatter Killed

Jordan writer in blasphemy case Nahid Hattar killed


Nahid Hattar was detained in August for 15 days on charges of insulting God after he published a cartoon depicting a bearded man lying in bed with two women and smoking, asking God to bring him a drink.

A spokesperson told Petra news agency: “The government will strike with an iron hand all those who exploit this crime to broadcast speeches of hatred to our community.”

Such culture. Much enrichment.

Robot-Written Peer Reviews

Robot-Written Peer Reviews

Via & @RealPeerReview

In a quarter of cases, academics said they agreed with the fake review’s conclusions, even though they were entirely made up of computer-generated gobbledygook — or, rather, sentences picked at random from a selection of peer reviews taken from subjects as diverse as brain science, ecology and ornithology.

“Sentences like ‘it would be good if you can also talk about the importance of establishing some good shared benchmarks’ or ‘it would be useful to identify key assumptions in the modeling’ are probably well suited to almost any review,” explained Eric Medvet, an assistant professor in Trieste’s department of engineering and architecture, who conducted the experiment with colleagues at his university’s Machine Learning Lab.

It’s just as I’ve always suspected. Science is a lie!

Italy court orders man to buy feminist books for underage victim

Italy court orders man to buy feminist books for underage victim


The books include Anne Frank’s Diary and the poems of Emily Dickinson.

Judge Paola Di Nicola reportedly hoped the books would help his 15-year-old victim understand the damage done to her dignity as a woman.

This is bizarre.

Are STEM Syllabi Gendered? A Feminist Professor Says Women Can't Do Science

‘Are STEM Syllabi Gendered?’ A Feminist Professor Says Women Can’t Do Science


It presupposes that certain stylistic choices—command words like “will” and “must”—are inherently masculine and anti-woman, and then sets out to determine whether these words show up in STEM syllabi. Since a syllabus is not a negotiation, but rather, a set of instructions about how to succeed in a given class, they do indeed contain lots of commands.

According to Parson, such language reinforces “a competitive, difficult, chilly climate.” This climate “marginalizes women.” Why? Because they’re delicate snowflakes who couldn’t possibly handle a little competition and difficulty—implicitly, that’s what Parson is saying.

Who’s the feminist, again?

Trigglypuff 2.0: Social Justice Warriors Triggered at KU

TREND: College Students across america are seeking emotional safety in ball pits

TREND: College Students Across America Are Seeking Emotional Safety in Ball Pits


The university’s caution was “rape culture at its finest,” declared one student organizer, who provided local press with a photo of herself in a ball pit. The play pit was incorporated into her safe space as “to help take anxious students’ minds off their problems.”

The average out-of-state tuition at the colleges mentioned in this article is just under $22,000. At Brandeis and Saint Mary’s College, it’s well over $40,000 a year. Suddenly, daycare looks like a bargain…

You know what, I’m only about 10% of the way through the stories I have picked out from this week. This is too much. I think I’ll just go back to the normal format next week…


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