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This Week In Social Justice | 18th September 2016

Trump Hat is Hate Speech

Another day, another power hungry SJW is caught on camera trying to bully someone into political compliance through accusations of bigotry and ominous threats of repercussion. Our meme du jour this time coming from Mount Royal University in Calgary.

Notice how towards the end of the video the man in the Trump hat agrees to go speak with the University president, effectively calling the SJW’s bluff, and immediately after doing that a wild beta cuck appears to steal his hat, prompting immense sighs of relief and gratitude from the moral crusader whom, if it wasn’t for her ability to manipulate beta cucks into doing her bidding, would be as impotent as she is vacuous.

No word on whether or not the white knight in question was in fact rewarded with coitus, but some bookies are said to be taking bets with odds of 27,000 to 1.

latinos are not rapists and criminals

Tony Yapias Charged with Rape

Prominent Latino activist Tony Yapias, whom in the past has led multiple protests against Donald Trump and was notably known to take particular issue with Trump’s comments about Mexican’s committing rape…has been arrested for rape. Yikes.

Of course we here at I,Hypocrite are big believers in due process, so it’s important to keep in mind that this charge is not yet proven in court, however, the evidence that is being presented in the media in regards to text messages, comments from the medical examiner and the illegal immigrant status of the victim, do not paint a pretty picture.

“As part of those April 4 communications, the defendant further acknowledged that the victim had told him ‘no’ she did not want to have sex multiple times,” court documents state.

Yapias is also charged with evidence tampering after deleting text messages off the victim’s cell phone.


Square Enix Pro Genocide?

We can’t be sure, but we do know that a new DLC for Final Fantasy XIV shows wearable gear including what appears to resemble a native headdress and so, as I’m sure you can imagine, jimmies are rustled.

In a thread spanning 51 pages and still growing (I swear it was 48 when I started writing this post), Square Enix forum user Shofie is raging against the machine and calling everyone who disagrees racist.

Anyone who supports that adding a war bonnet is racist

By all accounts, this thread has it all. Bigotry, death threats, harassment, doxing, laughing, crying and the poignant triumph of the human spirit. And I was prepared, dear readers, totally prepared to wade through these depths of madness and bring you only the most highly curated gems from this deep web shitshow.

But after reading literally three or four posts from these braindead weeaboos I realized I would rather be doing just about anything else with my time, so fuck you. This is what happens when you don’t support my patreon.


Cat Lady Raises Future Cat Lady

A Mother-daughter text conversation about feminine hygiene has gone viral, currently over 66 thousand shares, and you know what happens when some meaningless and vapid shit goes viral, don’t you? It turns into “news” and gets reported on by “journalists”.


Belinda Hankins took her daughter, Bella, to Walmart and waited in the car while she went in to buy tampons, or something like that. When Bella asked why there was no flashing neon sign pointing her way to the “vagina zone” her mom told her it’s because men hate women, or something like that.

Hey, Belinda, has it ever occurred to you that there is similarly no neon flashing sign pointing to the condom section reading “Cock Sheaths”? Is it possible that we, as a society, have collectively chosen to have just a modicum of modesty when it comes to products that we apply to our genitals, and that you don’t have to turn every one on of life’s examples of decorum into an opportunity to fill your daughter’s head with anti-male rhetoric?


This is how young girls grow up to be young women that think making artwork out of menstrual blood is like some kind of meaningful  protest and not just, you know, gross. Why am I talking about this? What am I doing with my life? The Internet was a mistake.



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