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This Week In Social Justice | September 11th 2016

Professor Tears Down 9/11 Memorial Posters

Purple haired professor of history and women’s studies, Margot Lovett, was filmed tearing down posters for a 9/11 memorial event this week at Saddleback College. While the harpy can be heard in the video claiming to be a real stickler for rules and regulations, one has to wonder, given her history of endorsing anti-American rhetoric, if politics aren’t at least partly at play here.


In the days following the terrorist attacks of 9/11, Professor Lovett circulated an email among university staff and students containing a statement by Black Radical Congress which she claimed was the “most cogent analysis” of the Sept. 11 events she had seen. That email contained passages like this:

“One clearly sees the callousness and evil intent with which U.S. imperialism treats the lives and property of others, especially non-white peoples around the globe,” the statement reads. Terrorism is not “an acceptable strategy” for fighting global oppression and exploitation, the BRC says, but war and vengeance without a precise target “is nothing more than self-serving jingoism.” And eliminating basic civil liberties won’t stamp out terrorism but will help “strengthen the existing tendency toward a racist and classist police state,” the BRC warned.

Glancing at the page for Margot, there seems to be a recurring theme of students claiming the only way to get decent grades in her class is to have the same opinions as she does. Now that’s what I call regressive.

rate my professor Margot Lovett

But honestly, did you guys need me to point any of this out, or could I have just stopped after “purple haired professor“?

 mansplainer chased off twitter

Mansplainer Chased Off Twitter

A historic victory for social justice advocates off all stripes this week, as a mansplaining shit-brick autist, @CaseyOQuin, has deleted his account after a swath of criticism was levied his way in response to a benign and innocuous tweet he sent to female astronaut, Jessica Meir.


To be honest, as a word nerd myself, I find her use of the word spontaneously a bit suspect as well. But clearly whether or not the critique was legitimate or not is not the issue here. The real issue is that a man had the audacity to disagree with a woman, and if that’s not worthy of writing multiple articles on platforms from Muffington Post to The Daily Slot, I don’t know what is.

Luckily the twitter brigade was ready and willing to shame the cis white science enthusiast off the internet, making it a safer space for all of us. Let this stand as a lesson to all males who would dare question a female. As MuffPo writer, Jenna Amatulli, writes:

Just do yourselves a favor, male friends, and take a beat before you tweet. We promise, us ladies have it under control.

black lives matter on twitter

#BLM vs 9/11

Of course, today is the 15 year anniversary of the biggest foreign terror attack on American soil, and if the recent terror attack at an Orlando nightclub taught us anything, it’s that one thing #BlackLivesMatter advocates can’t stand is people talking about anything other than people of colour.






Do you suppose it would help to remind any of these people that 215 African Americans died in 9/11? Oh sorry, I forgot the only black lives that actually matter are the lives of criminals taken by police in the line of duty. Fortunately there are some out there that understand the concept of basic human decency and not being a totally blatant hypocrite:



Mark Ruffalo No Longer Woke

The San Francisco Center For Social Justice & General Wokeness has issued a statement effectively revoking the woke status of liberal activist and working actor, Mark Ruffalo. Yes, it’s true. Mark, whom many know as Marvel’s Incredible Hulk, and who has a twitter timeline which is a veritable potpourri of leftist tropes and self aggrandizing proclamations, has, as if often the case, run afoul of the SJW crowd in spite of his best efforts.

What was his transgression, you ask? He’s signed on to executive produce a film in which the openly gay actor Matt Bomer will play a trans woman. The trans community is outraged: Why has a trans actor not been cast?


When confronted about the decision to not cast @SmartAssJen Mark responded, “the script describes the character as both attractive and passing.”


Savage! And, uh, totally uncalled for. We here at I,Hypocrite stand with you, Jen. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer racist misandrist.




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