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This Week In Social Justice | August 28th 2016

The Next Internet Meme

Meet the next internet meme, Annaliese Nielsen. Annaliese is a 31 year old Los Angeles socialite and smut peddler that has received media attention in the past for running a secret and highly exclusive Facebook girls club. One of the clubs past achievements, according to Forbes, includes “destroying the reputation and social standing” of a man that one of the members accused of having sexually assaulted her.

But it seems like Ms. Nielsen has recently taken on a lone wolf effort to destroy the reputation and social standing of a working class Lyft driver (for those that don’t know, Lyft is an Uber clone). It seems Annaliese was quite offended by a Hawaiian hula bobblehead on the man’s dashboard so she decided to confront him while filming the entire episode.

You will be published on Gawker. And you'll be like the next Internet meme, it's going to be super funny.

Although the video never appeared on Gawker as promised, it was obtained by Rebel Media pundit and based waifu, Lauren Southern. If I had to guess, I would posit that Annaliese shared the video with her ‘Girls Night In’ group of 1,500 super-besties, and one of them sold her ratchet ass out.

Please keep in mind while watching this footage, that this person is 31 years old.

Within less than 24 hours of the video being uploaded to YouTube, Annaliese has gone into full on damage control mode which has included deleting or hiding her twitter account and making her Facebook accounts completely private. Super funny, indeed.

unisex restroom

‘Unisex’ Not Inclusive Enough

University of Missouri, aka ‘Mizzou’, of Melissa Click and derailed vigils fame, has been asked by it’s student body to replace all ‘Unisex’ signs on it’s bathroom doors and rename the facilities to ‘Toilets’.

“Unisex is just such an uncomfortable and outdated word,” MU student Sterling Waldman told the Columbia Missourian. The word, Waldman said, excludes people who identify as neither male nor female.

It will cost an estimated $11,600 to change every relevant sign on campus and, due to budget cuts, Nathan Hurst, who works for the MU News Bureau, said there is insufficient money available to support the entire project.

Mizzou has been plagued with budget issues as enrollment has dropped drastically since video emerged of disgraced Twilight scholar, Melissa Click, running student protests like her own personal brown shirt army.

unisex bathrmoom signs University of North Carolina

Mizzou isn’t the only campus courting controversy over it’s bathroom signage this week. University of North Carolina students are also on the warpath as the school is replacing it’s old signs which acknowledged those who don’t conform to the gender binary, with new, government mandated unisex signs.


chicken pepe

MSNBC Fried Chicken Gaff

It’s bad enough when Ellen Degeneres does it, but now MSNBC appears to have gone full 4chan and, after telling a black guest of the show they were going to show him part of a Hillary Clinton speech, instead played an ad for Kentucky Fried Chicken.

This is a developing story and so it remains unclear if the gaffe was an intentional troll by some disgruntled employee, or an honest mistake, but one thing is for sure, the day’s guest did not look too impressed.


lion and lioness

Zoos Reinforcing Harmful Gender Stereotypes

The sociology department of the University of Pennsylvania has put out a new paper this week studying the phenomenon of gender stereotypes and how they are embedded into the minds of young children with the help of public zoos.

zoos reinforce harmful gender stereotypes

The study says that adults seem to want to characterize zoo animals according to “binary” gender terminology, forcing the camels and penguins and elephants of this world to conform to either “male” or “female,” even though those particular zoo animals haven’t truly examined whether they would like to identify as their birth gender. Although zoology does allow for checking the actual sex of an animal, adults should, apparently, refrain from referring to zoo animals as a “girl” or a “boy,” unless they’ve asked the said animals.

Ironheart, superhero, pornstar

Marvel Plagiarizes Ironheart

Marvel has finally announced the name of it’s new Ironman character. Ironheart is a 15-year-old, black, genius MIT engineering student named Riri Williams. It’s also the name of a Japanese Ironman porn parody (NSFW link).

Now, any sane person would assume that this was a simple, not to mention inconsequential, if not humorous, oversight on the part of Marvel. But that hasn’t stopped certain two bit commie rags from already lobbing accusations of oppression at the ne’er-do-well comics studio.

While there’s nothing wrong with porn parodies, the optics of giving a 15-year-old girl the same superhero name as a pre-existing, sexually explicit knockoff are especially bad considering the critiques leveled at Marvel for creating yet another character of color who won’t be written by a person of color.

In the right hands, Riri Williams could very well be the greatest Marvel hero ever to put on a high tech suit of armor. But if Marvel can’t be bothered to approximate what an actual black teenager looks like or give her a name that isn’t directly linked to pornography, it’s difficult to say that the right hands are theirs.

Personally, I’ll be giving Ironheart a miss. The comic that is. No comment on whether or not I’m currently downloading the porno and/or what I plan to do for the next 8 or 9 minutes.


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