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This Week In Social Justice | July 31st 2016

Jason Bourne Saves China, Presumably Defiles Princess

I'm white but I"m sick of white people tweetVirtue! Virtue where are you!?

Hide the soy sauce! Every Asian woman with a blog has taken to the proverbial streets to denounce the horrific events unfolding this week. Nonono, I’m not talking about the deadly mass stabbing committed in a Japanese home for disabled people. I’m talking about something much worse than that. I’m talking about The Great Wall, a Chinese movie with a Chinese director, Chinese cast, made by Chinese production companies and funded by Chinese money, which has cast Matt Damon in a leading role. Gasp!

Actually that’s not totally accurate. The film was written by Americans and is a joint venture between American and Chinese studios. Which you would almost think makes it better? Synthesis. Unity.Right? Wrong.

But maybe I was the only one who felt the bile rise at the sight of another blatant white savior narrative…

“As long as white men keep making movies, white men will always be at the center of them, no matter where it’s set.”

Can I just say it? These haters just don’t like white people. Think that’s not a fair assessment? Notice how the film also stars Pedro Pascal (Prince Oberyn, Game of Thrones) A filthy* Chilean. Were Chileans much more common in 10th century China than white people? Will you hear anyone complain about that? Of course not. That’s exactly why they have popularized the term POC (Persons of Color) and include Asians in that group when it suits them to do so, because the narrative is literally white people against everyone else.

And sorry, but no, you don’t get to appeal to history in a movie that features dragons, giant lizards, and other types of mythical beasts. Maybe try at least watching the trailer before you go off on a sanctimonious tirade.

The distinction is clearly negligible.

Hahaha, ya, totally. Because you know what my favorite part about history is? The dragons and shit. Which isn’t even to say that there weren’t any white people in the region in the medieval ages. Ever heard of Marco Polo? Do you even Netflix bro?

The best part about history is dragons

But in the end it’s all good. While The Great Wall is going to happen, and hopefully make lots of money because it looks awesome, possibly the best movie since Shanghai Knights, tireless hacktivists are still striking deadly blows for freedom by Photoshopping Constance Wu and John Cho into movie posters, promising inevitable systemic change.


*not Asian

All Lives Matter

Texas Student Suspended (  )

University of Houston student Rohini Sethi (internalized cis white male, obviously) has been suspended for making the following post to her Facebook page:

“Forget #BlackLivesMatter; more like AllLivesMatter.”

Cries went out to have Sethi removed from student government, with the hashtag #RemoveRohini. What makes this story really creepy, is that the process to remove someone from student body is complicated, lengthy and arduous, so in an act of Orwellian fascism we’ve come to expect from Social Justice Millennials, they imbued the president with special powers to make an executive action suspending Sethi for fifty days.


The Student Senate decided to pass what is in effect a bill of attainder giving the U of H SGA President Shane Smith extraordinary powers to do with Sethi as he saw fit. He decided to decree a five-part punishment that included a 50 day suspension, a requirement to attend diversity training, an obligation to attend “three cultural events” per month from September 2016 through March 2017, excepting December, a mandate to write what is called a “letter of reflection” detailing the harm she caused the SGA and the university student body, and make a public presentation detailing what she had learned from the experience. Smith justified the severity of his sanctions because, in his judgment, Sethi still does not realize the “enormity” of her actions. If she fails to accept even one of the punishments, she will be summarily given the royal order of the boot from the SGA.

I hope she trolls those requirements so hard, man. Like if that was me my cultural events would all be the whitest shit you can imagine, I’m talking like Mormon church white, and my letter of reflection would be the most savage indictment of a certain unnamed racist supremacist terrorist movement those little wankers have ever had to read. I mean I would write a book for that shit just shaming them for their overt racism and denial. That’s what I would do.

Mandi Gray shows off her Feminist swag

Feminist Judge In Ontario Doles Out “Unofficial Justice”

Ontario Court Justice Marvin Zuker “changed the landscape of sexual assault and the criminal justice system” on Thursday. In a a 179 page verdict delivered over 2 hours, a horrific feminist screed that shits on concepts like due process and burden of proof, Marvin Zuker stroked his own virtuous ego in front of a rapt audience.

Ururyar acknowledged he and Gray had sex. The two had been hooking up for two weeks, since they’d met at a union meeting at York, where he was studying political science and she sociology. The night of the assault, she’d texted him from a bar to “come drink and then we can have hot sex.” He came, they shut the place down and then walked back to his place.

Mandi Gray, who agreed to repeal the publication ban on her name, is set to milk this for all it’s worth, looking to make a life long career out of one night of consensual sex. She has filed a human rights complaint against York, for lacking clear policies and protocols for students sexually assaulted by classmates or staff, and that is dragging on with no end in sight. A move sure to win her tens of thousands of dollars form Canada’s feminist government, along with the lucrative writing and speaking gigs common among professional victims.

Mandi Gray: Six lessons I learned from my rape case

She didn’t tell the officers about the “hot sex” text to Ururyar, Gray testified, because she didn’t believe it was relevant, and besides, she’d immediately deleted all her texts to him.

As Christie Blatchford of the National Post writes, people should seriously be questioning if this Judge is fit to oversee sexual assault cases.

But the why of the judge’s attitude is unanswered.

It may lie in his own activist background – he’s been an associate professor at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education for 34 years, almost as long as he’s been a judge – and leanings.

As he told the Toronto Sun in a 1993 profile, he’s always been interested in the inequities facing women. He co-wrote two books — the last one, in 1976, was called The Law is Not for Women — with the late activist June Callwood.

Just imagine you’re up on false rape allegations from an opportunist professional victim like Mandi Gray, and this is the judge up in front of you. Shudder. This is the kind of shit that makes it hard to really mock MGTOW, even tho male virgins and asexuals deserve to be mocked, this rape hysteria makes it hard to fault them on their logic.

Gar Gadot is Wonder Woman, and also a Jew

SJWs Hate Jews

The new Wonder Woman trailer dropped this week, and as you can expect, millions of misogynerds logged onto YouTube from the safe anonymity of their mother’s basements just long enough to down-vote the trailer into oblivion for daring to make a movie with a female lead.

Wonder Woman Trailer does well on YouTube

…or not. Maybe there was a week-long virgin convention. Haha. Am I right? Ladies? The trailer release for what is arguably by far the most feminist superhero of all time wasn’t without it’s controversy, however, as many keyboard warriors took to Twitter to decry the films lead for being an Israeli, a Jew, a Zionist.

Gal Gadot zionist

This should come as no surprise to those of us who study the SJW phenomenon. Any type of belief that Israel has a right to exist and to defend itself from the constant and endless shitstorm that surrounds it’s borders is seen as pure evil.  Basically, SJWs hate Jews.

Boycott israel

Bretibart reports this week that Anti-Semitic activity has skyrocketed on US campuses according to a recently released report.

“Instead of just boycotting Israel, the anti-Zionists are now boycotting Jewish students,” Professor Leila Beckwith, AMCHA co-founder who led the study, said.

"self acclaimed zionist"

Lol, “self acclaimed“. Can’t make this shit up.



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