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This Week In Social Justice | July 24th 2016


The state of free speech on social media continues to decline this week as conservative pundit and self proclaimed dangerous faggot, Milo Yiannopoulos was permanently banned from Twitter on the same day he was speaking at the Republican National Convention.

It looks like big brother Jack might have a penchant for symbolic purging these days, as Tila Tequila appears to have just been booted from the platform as well on National Tequila Day, a classic symbolic move of confirmed Illuminati pawns like fearless leader Jack. It’s unclear what Tila did to get booted, but it may have something to do with changing her profile picture to include Donald Trump next to herself in a Nazi uniform.

With head supervillain Milo out of the way, Twitter SJWs might be lining up Sargon of Akkad in their sites next.

The Twitter Unholy Trinity

Milo confronted the Twitter people at their booth at the RNC, and they responded, predictably, like a bunch of beta bitch pussies. Even the rising shitlords at Wikileaks weighed in with some well placed jabs.

wikileaks vs Twitter Jack

And speaking of Wikileaks…

A much more egregious infringement of speech, on Twitter’s part, may be the alleged censorship of hashtags relating to the Democratic National Committee email leaks, which have dropped this weak. The #DNCLeaks hashtag became very popular as lurid details of the scandals began to emerge, but the hashtag exited from the trending bar almost as quickly as it entered, leading many to speculate that Twitter had removed it form the trending topics, as they have been known to do, although glorious father Jack denies this.

Twitter removes DNCLeaks from TrendingSimilarly Facebook had temporarily blocked the sharing of Wikileaks urls, although they have since reinstated the ability and called the blocking “an accident”.

facebook blocks wikileaks urls

As for the leaks themselves…

Chair of DNC resigns over proof of corriptoin gets job from Clinton Campaign


The leaks have only confirmed beyond any doubt what we have all known for sometime, the Democratic Party is completely morally bankrupt and ethically corrupt and that the main stream media is willingly complicit in deceiving the American people.

I myself was watching CTV news on the ferry to Vancouver yesterday morning, and was absolutely gobsmacked that they had included a feature on Pokemon Go for the 10th day in a row as part of their hour long news cycle, but did not do a segment on the email leaks although to be fair they did finally pay lip service by mentioning it in the scrolling ticker before the end of the two hour ferry trip.

The Democratic National Committee intentional and ruthlessly tanked Bernie Sander’s campaign, shitting on the very concept of democracy, among other major ethical infractions such as FEC violations, media collusion, an SJW playbook, lavish fundraising incentives and more.

This is a still a developing story, but we are already beginning to see some fallout as DNC Chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz has stepped down as leader of the party. Fortunately for her she already has a cushy job lined up…working for the Clinton presidential campaign. Wow. This is real. This is what the establishment thinks of you, voter.

Clinton campaign gives job to Debbie Wasserman ShultzFortunately resident SJWs are on the job to keep things in perspective by pointing out that Wikileaks is a bunch of weird “alt-right gamer MRAs”.



Imagine having your head so far up your ass that you can attack an organization exposing the Clinton campaign from a ‘handling of data‘ standpoint.


Terror In Munich

An 18 year old German-Iranian, Ali David Sonboly, a muslim, murdered 9 people and injured many others before taking his own life on Friday evening in the German city of Munich.

But lp, you say, this was a rampage motivated by years of bullying, is it really necessary to mention his religion, much less put it in bold. Well, yes, I think that it is. I already wrote on Friday night how the regressives on Twitter were desperately claiming, without any proof, that this was a right wing nationalist terror event. I put that post up before having all the details available because by that time the killers Iranian decent had been determined and as far as I was concerned, that was a case closed. So you can imagine my surprise when I woke up Saturday morning to regressives tweeting at me, claiming the police had proven the killers ties to Anders Breivik and awaiting my apology.

The media’s treatment of this story has been gobsmackingly regressive. This is political correctness on steroids. Just take a look at this post from the New York Times:

When mass killers show even minor hints of affinity for jihadist groups, as they did in recent attacks in Orlando, Fla., and Nice, France, their actions are swiftly judged to be terrorism. But when their source of inspiration appears to be right-wing extremism, as Chief Andrä speculated could be the case in Munich, they are often treated as disturbed loners.

This has fed concerns by civil rights groups and Muslim organizations, in Europe and the United States, that there is a lower bar for labeling something as terrorism when it can be linked to Islam. This tendency, they warn, feeds into anti-Muslim sentiment at a time when far-right populist movements are calling for special restrictions on Muslims.

Is this real life? Do you maybe understand now, why I include the killers religion as part of the discussion. Because he is a Muslim. But New Your Time’s wants to tell us that it isn’t labeled as terrorism because there’s no link to Islam? Now that’s regressive. He’s a Muslim. A Muslim who shouted Allahu Ackbar over and over while murdering teenagers. Link established. Is the whole world on crazy pills?

Taking it even further, the BBC has scrubbed the killer’s name, reporting it as David Sonboly rather than Ali David Sonboly, in what appears to be a clear attempt to remove focus from his Islamic heritage.

Look, I have no problem accepting the notion that this shooting rampage was motivated by bullying and has no real ideological aspect to it whatsoever, but the media trying to tie this to the far right? Am I the only one who thinks this is insane? But lp, you say, they are just reporting what police are telling them. Ok, but whatever happened to critical thinking? Last I checked there’s no law against a little speculation. Like the kind of speculation one might take about indulging in a grain of salt when getting early reports from the same authorities that tried to cover up the New Year’s Eve Cologne attacks.


Asian Americans Contribute to White Supremacy

A Vice opinion piece this week is calling out Asian Americans for contributing to white supremacy by not doing enough to support oppressed individuals, and you know, scream “fuck the police” or whatever else these people think your meant to do to “contribute”.

There is an advantage to keeping our heads down. There is an advantage to working hard, ignoring other people’s problems, fighting only for our own rights. But it’s the same advantage that makes Asian Americans white supremacy’s one success.

Hahaha. Asian Americans white supremacy’s one success. Good grief. Welcome to the land of opportunity, where working hard and not causing trouble means you can have a good life. And these butt-fucking SJWs, they think that that’s what the problem is. Unreal.

Jimmy Dore spits in face of Alex Jones

Jimmy Dore Spits In Alex Jones’ Face

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few days you’ve probably already seen what some, including myself, are calling one of the greatest videos to ever happen on the internet this week. My favorite YouTuber, Atheism-Is-Unstoppable already did an amazing video takedown of this monumentous event, so rather than prattle on about it I will simply strongly suggest you take the time to watch it.



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