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Regressives #PrayForMunich In Real Time By Which I Mean They Prayed For The Shooter To Be A Right Wing Nationalist

Wanna bet?

Earlier today news broke of a mass shooting event in the German city of Munich. This was quickly identified by police as a probably terror attack, and those of us who don’t live life with our collective heads up our collective asses, knew that it was probably another case of radical Islamic jihad. However, those afflicted with the mental disease of the regressive left are somehow, against all odds and logic, quick to point out the likelihood that this time the shooter will be a white nationalist motivated by white supremacist racial hatred.

We’ve seen this narrative play out over and over. But today was particularly egregious due to the fact that early on as news of the attack broke out two things happened. First someone made the observation that today was the five year anniversary of right wing terrorist Anders Behring Breivik killing 77 people in Norway. Secondly,  word started spreading that the shooter had gotten into a rooftop confrontation in which he was shouting about being a German and having been born in the city. There was a video of this confrontation floating around and transcripts of the confrontation as well.

Shooter: “I am German.”
Balcony Man: “You’re a cunt is what you are”
Shooter: “Stop filming!”
Balcony Man: “A cunt is what you are, what the fuck are you doing?”
Shooter: “Yeah what, I was born here!”

Never mind that early on in the attack CNN interviewed a first hand witness that claimed she heard him yelling ‘Allahu Ackbar’ repeatedly while murdering children. We have no idea what motivated these attacks. Let’s not jump to conclusions.

There was a virtually endless regressive stream of tweets today. I gathered up just a small sample to show who are two smart to waste their time on twitter what kind of backwards, white guilt ridden, mega-society we are living in. Behold.


Guess you jumped the gun.


You’re the reason we need Trump.


Probably better to stick with the whole banning Muslims plan, innit?


Nice quote tweet. Oh wait, it’s not.


lol wut?


Change your handle, fgt. You’re not worthy.


Delet this.




At least this guy understands the difference between casual speculation and baseless assertion.




Well there you have it. Christopher H Holte cracked the case.


This guy. This fucking guy can’t even tell an Iranian when he’s looking right at one. This is why we need Evalion tbh.


They never want to put money on it for some reason.



Ya, you xenophobe! Virtue! Virtue where are you!?


You don’t seem sorry.


This one here was posted a good hour after the BBC and other outlets reported it was an 18 year old Iranian.

Look, it’s always best to wait until the facts come out before you go around making assumptions about who the killer is and what their motivations may be. Having said that, if you’re going to start making assumptions, you might want to at least learn to play the odds, also known as pulling your head out of your ass and paying a little attention to what’s going on in the world around you.

Can you imagine what it’s going to be like when some white guy actually does snap and go Breivik? It will be like Brock Turner to the power of a million. In the meantime we can look forward to a campaign of discrediting this Iranian dude as not a real Muslim  and more #NothingToDoWithIslam nonsense.

Quantum Mechanical Superstate Islam

Remember most Muslims are moderate (depending how you define moderate) so we should understand that the terrorists aren’t real Muslims except when a homegrown terrorist terrorizes, in which case we point out that he drank and ate pork, which means he wasn’t a strict adherent to Islam and therefore not orthodox or what one might call moderate and therefore…not a real Muslim.

So most Muslims are moderate and don’t strictly adhere to the tenets of Islam, like you know, violent Jihad and such, which means the violent extremists don’t represent real Islam, except when they do in which case they aren’t real Muslims anymore because they are moderate because they drink. That is what I like to call quantum superstate Islam, where the real Muslim is whoever isn’t committing the jihad today.

Nine people were murdered in Munich today, including children, with others sent to the hospital, by an 18 year old. On Monday, a 17 year old stabbed passengers on a train in Bavaria. Last Thursday 84 people were slaughtered by a guy in a truck in Nice, France.

Wake up, people.

Go on. Draw a cartoon to the survivors, come up with a hashtag, lay flowers in a square. Just like you did the lst time. And will do the next.


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