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Special Snowflake has Meltdown After Dad Tightens Purse Strings

Gather around children and listen to the tale of Pete and his special snowflake daughter, Sarah, brought to you by reddit user harbringot

The genderfluid panqueer-demiromantic being in question, let’s call her “Sarah”, is a 21 year old spoiled girl from Kansas who worked for her father’s company, lived in a house that he owned rent-free, received free health insurance, free phone, free Internet access, free car insurance and presumably a free car. He also allowed his daughter to let three of her dumbass tumblrite friends move in with her into the house that he owns.

Cut to the 4th of July. Sarah and her communist loving, capitalism hating friends decided that the best way to celebrate would be to burn a flag and use it to attention whore on Facebook.

fuck AmeriKKKa tbh
fuck AmeriKKKa tbh

“Pete’, her father, being a military veteran had some things to say about this but still believed in her freedom to burn the flag if she pleased. Her father only wanted to engage in a debate with his retard daughter and her special snowflake squad but instead found himself blocked on Facebook. She cited her reason for this being that she had freedom of speech and her Facebook page was not a democracy. This was, in his words “the last straw”. Here is the conversation:



He fired her.
Evicted her.
Cut her off financially.
Cut off her phone.

She posted about it:

an extremely professional eviction notice from this fine company

all over social media:


summoning the snowflake squad to descend on her poor father. One friend in particular, Jess let’s call her, started chimping out about how Pete is supposedly abusive for not wiping his adult daughter’s ass still:



As you can see, she’s a master of hyperbole:


Here is Pete’s response to the whole thing if you’re curious. Poor guy just wanted a regular kid, but got stuck with a lazy, manipulative leech instead:


Cut off from the cow’s teet, Sarah was forced to find a way to become self sufficient. Naturally she did what all snowflakes did when confronted with adversity and started a gofundme:

sarah's go fund me

She’s raised $770 so far from other spoiled 20-somethings that agree that her dad keeping his money to himself is totes emotional abuse:


Sarah has shut down many of her social media accounts after some other websites & the military base in her area took a keen interest in her situation. Here are some screenshots from Jess’ tantrum of the day:




Here is her Dad’s second response to the situation:


And bonus, here’s her Dad’s company motto/goals for those interested (he’s an audiologist):


And her tumblriffic description:


Sarah wants to reiterate that it is abusive for her father to stop paying for her healthcare.


Also, she was fat-shamed!!!


Get the torches! People have begun turning on her as she’s been getting a lot of negative attention now. Here is her responding to some fresh criticism by saying that her dad never respected her:


BREAKING!! New photographic evidence has emerged of Pete’s horrific abuse!


That is what I call an epic reddit thread, but it doesn’t end there, proceed to part two where our faithful narrator tells us that the snowflake brigade is actually attempting to get him fired from his job:

Since the previous thread, I had become aware of other pastures in which they also gather to ogle at lolcows. Because of this, I was keenly aware of a lot of specific information which I will not distribute on this or any other forum INCLUDING:

* Her father made her pull her GoFundMe because of “death threats”

* He will no longer be funding her but wishes her no ill

* She and her friends often browse this and other subs

The last point was unsubstantiated until earlier this Friday afternoon. My username is very close to my real name, even though it is very very common in the South/Mexico. Unfortunately, I believe I have a friend of a friend who may be in one of her friends “networks” on facebook, as I went to school in a flyover state in the middle of the country. I don’t even use faceook that much, and much of my personal information was available on a public search. I know, I’m a dumbass all around, but let’s not focus on me.

So, about 3:30 CST: I’m plodding away doing some procurement (not my job, I just had nothing to do) when my boss walks in. In front of the whole accounting he announces, “Hey Mig, someone just called and said you were “hacking” their website from this IP. Can you cut it out?” and walks away. Most of the accounting dept is old ladies who believe there is a real hacker named 4chan so they all look at me horrified. I told them “Really? I’m reading a magazine right now….y’all believe that?” and walked out to find my boss. He explains that someone had called and couldn’t even name the IP address we were currently on, so not to worry about it because he believed it to be a prank or someone who had access to our servers (We recently had a major breach). He said maybe send an email to the CEO and they can pull your logs if they really want but he wasn’t concerned. (Luckily I don’t watch pug porn on my work computer)

Bored, I decided to go talk to the secretary about what had happened. Apparently, this person had no idea about anything relating to “hacking”, the VP (my boss) called her/him (more on this in a second) out on it being a “personal issue”, AND SOUNDED LIKE A FEMALE BUT WENT BY A MALE’S NAME

Because of my time in other pastures, I instantly recognized this name, checked my facebook to see if my workplace was public info and I realized I’m a huge dumbass. All of the sales ladies were VERY interested to hear this little story and I think you will be too.

TLDR: The flag burning trans-child that was posted here a week ago attempted and failed to get me fired via doxx. I feel so special.

If you’re reading this, put your fundme back up and I’ll donate my day’s pay to you, m’lady


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