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This Week In Social Justice | Sunday July 10th

Social Media Strikes Back & Then Mostly Caves Under Pressure From Racist Bigots

Social Networks this week have reinvigorated their efforts to stand on the right side of history. Less than a day after heroic freedom fighter Micah Johnson struck a blow for peace loving citizens everywhere by murdering five white officers in Dallas, Texas, Twitter has added a black power salute to the #BlackLivesMatter hashtag. Some have called the timing of this move insensitive, but the truly woke among us have to wonder if Twitter has gone far enough, after all, it’s 2016 and we still don’t have an animated gif of a white male raping Brianna Wu every time someone says GamerGate.

Sally Kohn discusses BLM on Twitter

Seriously, someone needs to explain the assholes over at Breitfart (haha see what I did there) that supporting a movement that regularly holds demonstrations where they chant things like “Pigs In A Blanket, Fry ‘Em Like Bacon” or “What do we want? Dead cops! When do we want it? Now!” or that use their hashtag to actively celebrate the real life murder of white officers is just part and parcel to being pro-human.


And while Twitter has so far stood fast in their decision, other networks have not been so firm in their principles. Facebook seemed like it was going to strike a blow for equality earlier this week when it finally banned the incredibly problematic page ‘Meninist’ but backpedaled after Breitfart shined a light on the issue and reinstated the page, proving once again that Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t care about women.

Facebook reinstates meninist page

Similarly, YouTube finally seemed to be taking a real stance against the infestation of anti feminist assholes plaguing it’s platform, when it took down a video by Undoomed where the faceless anon mocks and harasses a young woman that will probably never recover form the psychic rape she was forced to endure.

But yet again, when prominent YouTuber Scarce decided to talk about the issue, YouTube caved and reinstated the video. Hey Scarce, why don’t you stick to being a glorified tabloid and stop being an apologist for psychic rapists.

Having said all that, we now have this breaking news that Facebook has unpublished the A Voice For Men page, and what makes this so beautiful is that this in the very midst of the International Conference on Men’s Issues. Guess you have one more issue to ad to the list, ie: free speech doesn’t extend to being misogynistic scum.

Pokemon go kills black people

Niantic, Inc. Releases Pokemon Go, kids game? Or another blatant attempt at black genocide?

A very popular mobile Pokemon game has been released this week, and while that might seem like good clean fun on the surface, the harsh reality is that this is just another way the white supremacist hetero capitalist system has devised to lure naive young black men to their deaths. At least one prominent journalist isn’t falling for it, though.

Omari Akil, of Kotaku fame, in a powerful and insightful essay is warning people about the dangers of PHWB (Pokemon hunting while black).

Let’s add Pokemon GO to the extremely long list of things white people can do without fear of being killed

Hussain A and Hassan T walked from court with suspended sentences

Immigrants Spared Jail Time

Meanwhile, in international news, Germany is once again showing us what a bastion of tolerance and understanding it is. Hussain A and Hassan T, Iraqi and Algerian immigrants, respectively, were found guilty of sex assaults this week but spared jail time by a the judge who just couldn’t resists getting in at least one Islamophobic jab, referring to the men as ‘animals’.

Their victims openly wept in court as they described the torment they had gone through during and after the assaults.

No doubt the young women were relieved that their part in this event didn’t result in these brave young men being subjected to further oppression at the hands of a white supremacist colonial system that never cared about them. Now if only we could get justice against real villains, like Brock Turner.
Selin Gören, the national spokeswoman of the left-wing youth movement Solid
But the wisdom of a judge handing suspended sentences to young immigrants when they clearly have never been taught that groping random women in public is wrong, is nothing compared to the sheer woke bravery of Selin Gören, 24 year old national spokeswoman of the left-wing youth movement Solid.
Selin was ambushed late at night in a playground where she said she was forced to perform a sex act on her attackers. But rather than leave justice in the hands of the professionals, Selin did the right thing and lied about the ethnicity of her attackers in order to preemptively avoid any kind of unwarranted racist backlash against immigrants.
To help her cope she wrote an open letter to a fictional refugee and posted it on Facebook. It read in part: ‘I am really sorry that your sexist and line-crossing treatment of me could help fuel aggressive racism.
Selin Gören has solved a problem that has plagued us for years. Whenever you get raped by an immigrant you might feel compelled to simply not report the crime in order to avoid fueling more racism. The problem with this approach is that it downplays the very real problem of sexual violence against women. Selin has found a way to have your cake and eat it too, by reporting the crime and blaming it on the ones who really deserve the blame, privileged white males. This is something to be especially aware of if you are planning on attending any Swedish music festivals in the near future, or swimming pools.

Real Progress

I know some of my faithful readers might be left reeling at the thought that Meninists are allowed to continue their campaign of terror on Facebook, or the Judges in Cologne are allowed to launch abusive tirades at young Muslim men, so let’s end the day with a positive segment. And no, I’m not talking about the fact that Iron Man is now a 15 year old WOC, or the simply beautiful gender bending photos of an eight year old boy posted today at

No, my lovely readers, I’m referring to this true tale of female empowerment. A girl who had her photo posted on Justin Bieber’s instagram has been helping women all week defraud disgusting males into giving away their money. As one astute tumblr user points out, this is feminism.

sugar daddy feminism
That’s all for this week, remember to STAY WOKE and smash the patriarchy, friends.



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