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This Week In Social Justice 19 June 2016


On Sunday June 12th an American born Muslim named Omar Mateen, entered the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida and opened fire, killing 49 victims and wounding 53 more before being put down by the police. This is the deadliest mass shooting in American history, the second deadliest terrorist attack after 9/11 as well as the deadliest anti-gay hate crime.

This is a terrible event which will be seared into the global conscious for years to come. Unfortunately, as can be expected these days, the response in many circles was predictably cringe worthy. From people crying out for enhanced gun control legislation, to incomprehensible ideological attacks on everything from masculinity to Christianity and conservatives to video games to just good ol’ white people and Donald Trump, the zombie hordes of the regressive left rushed to point their fingers anywhere other than the murderous death cult responsible for grooming Omar Mateen into the barbaric terrorist that he was.

 Was toxic masculinity to blame for the Orlando shooting?

Because everyone knows you’re not a real man until you commit mass murder.

Just take a look at this alternet article titled 5 Outrageous Reactions to Orlando Shooting
which has the facepalming audacity to list one of the most outrageous reactions as “U.S. Republicans Blame Islam, Not Guns”. As if a sentient gun floated into the club and murdered those people. What if the attacker had used some kind of homemade explosive device instead? Would it then be appropriate to talk about his motivations, or would it make more sense to call for tougher laws on fertilizer and lead pipes?

Gun control is what these jihadis need

This needs to stop. Islam will never undergo the reformation which it direly requires so long as the voices of reason are being drowned out by the voices of apologism. Pew data shows that overwhelmingly Muslims do not support homosexuality, with many going as far as to think it should be illegal. These are not radical Muslims we are talking about, or even illiterates living in Durkadurkastan. These are everyday British and American Muslims. The cold hard truth is that if you were to randomly select any Muslim on the planet, that person would be more likely to support ISIS than homosexuality.

There is a pattern in the way ISIS and its supporters execute those it alleges are homosexual: ISIS usually, although not always, has them thrown off of tall buildings. As inhumane as these executions may be, murdering homosexuals in this way does not come from a nihilistic urge for carnage. No, these are cold and calculated steps taken by murderers who believe they serve God through such acts…There is relatively good evidence that Islam prohibits homosexual acts.

The killer, Omar Mateen, pledged allegiance to ISIS during a 911 call that he made from within the club. But even this fact didn’t stop the most repulsive regressive outlets from trying to steer the conversation away from the notion of terrorism.

Salon doesn't want you to talk about ISIS

Another example of egregious reactions, was the behaviour of a black lives matter activist at a vigil for the victims which was held on the campus of University of Missouri, good old Mizzou, of Melissa Click fame. This display of shameless, narcissistic shilling in response to a national tragedy was so painful watch that it prompted a full blown YouTube response from yours truly. Don’t forget to like, subscribe, comment, donate, buy my t-shirts, etc, etc….

Alligators ate my baby

Alligators ate my baby

A 2 year old boy was pulled into a lagoon by an alligator new Disney World in Florida…new Orlando. Now, just like a child falling into a Cincinnati zoo couldn’t possibly have anything to do with race, neither could a tragedy involving a random alligator attack. Right? Right?

Wrong, shitlord!

Brienne of Snarth isn't sad over dead white babies

People angry at white family after alligator attack for being white


University Drops Math Requirement, Considers Diversity Class as Replacement

Wayne State, which enrolls some 27,000 students, is now “leaving it up to the individual departments to decide whether math will be a required part of a degree’s curriculum,” the Detroit Free Press reports.

“We felt the math requirement was better left to the various programs and majors to decide and to decide what levels of mathematics would be needed,” Monica Brockmeyer, associate provost for student success, told the Free Press. “We still continue to support mathematics at Wayne State.”

As the university works to revise its general ed curriculum, a process expected to continue this fall, a memo outlining proposed changes calls for a new 3-credit “diversity course” for all students.

The university’s General Education Reform Committee wrote in a May 2016 memo that “a clear message our committee received from the university community (faculty, students, staff, alumni, and employers) was that diversity is central to the nature of WSU, i.e., ‘Distinctively Wayne State.’ Thus we have placed the values and goals of diversity as a central component of the University Core program.”

women must now register for selective service aka the draft

Selective Service Registration Extended To Women

On Tuesday, the Senate passed a defense authorization bill that would require young women to register for the draft — the latest development in a long-running debate over whether women should sign up for the Selective Service. The provision would apply to women turning 18 in 2018 or later and would impose the same requirements and rules that currently apply to men.

Predictable, several feminist have come out to loudly proclaim that this isn’t the type of equality they had in mind.






It seems likely that, should this effort to require women to register for the draft actually become law, that the response will be the strongest push we’ve ever seen to abolish the draft altogether. But that’s not, you know, evidence that we live in a gynocentric society that’s more empathetic to the plights of women or anything. We’ve just been to busy to abolish the draconian and tyrannical draft up until now, the timing is just a coincidence.

Also just want to send out a big I,Hypocrite salute to all the father’s out there being the best dad’s they know how to be on this day the 19th of June. Check out this clip put together by our friend over at Ritten’s Playhouse:


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