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This Week In Social Justice 05/06/16

Chaos Follows Trump To San Jose

Donald Trump held a rally in San Jose with predictable results. I saw videos of people being chased, punched, spat at, people bloodied and people being pelted with eggs.

Some victims of the tolerant left.

So when do we get to stop calling these people protesters? Burning flags and acts of violence, violence with the intent of political coercion are not acts of protest. These people are rioters and terrorists.

Anti trump protesters or occupying army?

Political dissidents or an occupying army?

Trump protesters are carrying out his supporters' most paranoid fantasies

Of course at the end of the day this all leads to more moderate, fence-sitting Americans deciding it might actually be time to make America great again. It also really can’t be helping that the shameless leftist media continues to engage in a ruthless campaign of victim blaming, proving for the umptienth time that regressives don’t have principles so much as agendas. Just take a look at this quote from a Salon article, all but openly encouraging people to go out and commit more acts of violence:

In a functioning democracy, political violence should almost always be condemned. However, we must not forget that Donald Trump and his supporters are on the wrong side of history.

Stop proviking me, this is your own fault, why are trump supporters arelways provoking violence, stop hate

Rose McGowan has thoughts to share

Rose McGowan Campaigns Against Domestic Violence

Sinéad O’Connor Rose McGowan, a washed up actress from such time-tested Pauly Shore vehicles as Encino Man and Bio Dome and whom I assume is mostly remembered for having taken Marilyn Manson‘s d on presumably multiple occasions, took a cue from the first chapter of the SJW playbook and managed to make headlines this week by making a grievance claim so absurd that the world would be left with no choice but to discuss and ridicule its absurdity.

That claim, by the way, if you’ve been living under a rock, is that Fox shouldn’t be promoting violence against women by putting up billboards like this:

X-Men Apocalypse billboard causes controversy

Now, I’m mentioned a little bit, hither and thither, my distaste for our societal obsession with celebrity, and if this isn’t a great opportunity for me to gripe some more then I don’t know what is, gawdamit. Here’s the first thing you need to know about this story, mm’kay. Rose McGowan has nothing to do with it, like at all. All she did was share a status on Facebook, from some nobody, like an even bigger nobody, if you follow me. I mean, this bitch is so disinterested in X-men films, she doesn’t even know what studio makes them.

Rose McGowan facebook status

So it makes sense that would spawn the following, right?

Too many stories about Rose McGowan and the xmen billboard
The media loves to stir up controversy around celebrities because they know people will want to read about it. Fox even apologized and pulled the ad, in spite of, from what I have seen, pretty much literally nobody agreeing with the whiners. At least they did the logical thing and hired me to revamp the site which resulted in a record-breaking I,Hypocrite tweet:

Record breaking I,Hypocrite tweet I made it fam I'm e-famouse

These people obviously don’t know anything about the franchise, and if you’ll permit me to vent for a moment, neither do the people at Fox, it seems. Why is Mystique even such a major character that they are making the whole universe revolve around her and meanwhile we still haven’t even seen Gambit in what is this like nine movies now? The whole fucking thing is like turned into a Jeniffer Lawrence show-off fest like hey everybody look at the star power in our stupid movie I mean if Mystique is so gawdamned concerned with going off the grid and not using her normal form why is she taking Jeniffer Lawrence’s form like permanently like does that make any sense for someone that’s trying to avoid attention to assume the form of a solid 10 and parade it around constantly and permanently all over the place no I don’t fucking think so. Fox needs to get their shit together and bring Gambit to the scene and if you want star power why not bring in somebody who can act like look I’ve been saying this for a good five years now to anyone who will listen and I’ll say it again you want a good Gambit, you want one well I got two words for you bucko John Cusack ya that’s right baby all the charm and sex appeal of a Robert Downey Jr., half the cost it’s the perfect plan like c’mon it’s so fucking obvious geez Fox get it together.

John Cusack should play Gambit

crack down on social media hate speech EU Bans Hate Speech, gives 24 hour ultimatum to Facebook, Youtube, Twitter

This is a story which, unlike what Rose McGowan thinks about male on female violence between fictional mutant characters, actually deserves some attention, so of course it is hardly receiving any. The major social media companies have signed onto a new ‘code of conduct‘ which would require them to respond to reports of ‘hate speech’ within 24 hours. What could possibly go wrong?

“This agreement is an important step forward to ensure that the internet remains a place of free and democratic expression, where European values and laws are respected.”

Pfffffffffffffft. I warned you people. I warned you all this was coming. Oh, relax lp, I can hear you saying, this is the EU, not ‘Murica. Like it matters. If people on Facebook in England or Germany can see your posts then they can report your posts. This is bad, mm’kay. People don’t seem to understand that retreating to the dark web isn’t an option. If you want your speech to be heard you have to be where the people are. We’ve given these platforms too much power and now we are about to reap what we’ve sown. Just look at what some dim-witted apologist asshole wrote on

This reporting and removal will be misconstrued as an attack on our First Amendment rights here in the United States – but of course that does not make one stitch of sense for more than one reason:

1. This agreement was made in the EU, not the USA.
2. Rules here are not substantially different from codes of conduct each of these brands already have, on their own. The one big difference is the speed at which reporting and removal will happen.
3. Freedom of Speech does not mean “I can say whatever I want without consequences”, it means you can say whatever you want and your government can’t stop you from saying it. Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, and YouTube, on the other hand, can do whatever they want with your words, whenever they deem it necessary.

  1. Like I said, it doesn’t matter where it was written, this will affect everyone on the networks.
  2. These brands have already been shown to be massively fucking up when it comes to responding to these flags. They have poorly paid people lacking in English skills having to decide if something is hate speech or political satire or what now, telling them to “schnell schnell!” probably isn’t going to help the situation a whole hell of a lot.
  3. What do you think the gawdamn EU is you fucking twat, if not government? This is literally the government, coming to the social networks and saying ‘eh, here’s wot’s wot m8, get this hate speech off of your campus!” I mean it might not be the most democratic government in the history of Europe, but it is government bureaucrats calling these shots, you twat.

Fucking quit your job (or don’t quite your day job) Chris Burns, you fucking donkey.

Meanwhile, The Register reports that arrests for hate speech on social media has been on the rise steadily for years and Breitbart reports on plans, also coming from the super trustworthy European Union, to force all social media users to verify their identities with government IDs, another change that I have predicted years ago.

Of course there’s been plenty of other bullshit I could talk about today, like the racist reactions surrounding the shooting of a gorilla after a child fell in the enclosure, or the mouth foaming glee that some people reported a UCLA murderer as being a white supremacist, but the thing is is that it’s hot as fuck out here today and it’s been a long day and I want to go watch Game of Thrones and Preacher, so peace out, fam.


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