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This Week In Social Justice 29/05/16

DePaul Debacle

Conservative provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos continued his speaking tour this past week with a stop at Chicago’s DePaul University. In utterly predictable fashion, the talk was interrupted by protesters. This time the activists seem to identify with the Black Lives Matter movement, and even went as far as making physical contact with Milo on stage. The full talk, along with several featured clips can be seen on Milo’s YouTube channel.

There has been a fair bit of outcry, from both sides of the ideological fence in the wake of this event. Milo’s supporters are outraged that the event, which was privately organized and paid for by students was allowed to be disrupted in this way. The student organizers had to pay for security to be available on hand, and police were present, but the police were told to stand down by administrators and allow the protests to continue unhindered. This has prompted Milo to demand the University refund the money he put up to cover the security costs.


Meanwhile, a professor from the sociology department resigned, citing the idea that the neutral exchange of ideas is delusional and rooted in symptoms of historical institutional racism, in an open letter that was posted on Facebook and then later taken down:

Ada Cheng open letter resigns from DePaul University

This action being reported in Breitbart seems to have drawn attention to the Depaul University Facebook pages, were both the main page and the page for the Sociology department [now taken down] have been viciously rating bombed over the last few days in an absolutely devastating attack, the public letting the administration know, in no uncertain terms, how they feel about the handling of this event.

DePaul university gets review bombed

On top of all this, news stories have been making the rounds of a noose found on campus. The University is reportedly investigating this incident.

Noose found on Depaul University campus.

It’s impossible to predict if the investigation will yield any results, but given the photo we have available, it’s also impossible to say that this was even meant to represent anything at all. I mean that looks to me like a jumble of rope that someone might have dropped by accident, or on purpose as litter. I mean what kind of lazy ass protest is this right here? If I saw that lying on the ground I would have no idea I was supposed to recognize it as a noose without someone telling me. What happened to the good old days when they would burn crosses, is what I’m trying to say. No ambiguity there. That’s a joke. But given what we’ve seen in the past, it seems more likely than not that this is either a non event being misinterpreted in an atmosphere of race hysteria, or perhaps another false flag hate crime hoax.

Twitter Trolls

Twitter Misogyny

A study from British think-tank, Demos, was released this week showing that 50% of misogynistic tweets are sent by women, with 40% being sent by men and 10% coming from gender ambigous accounts. This comes as a surprise to absolutely no one that has been going through life without their head up their own ass, but some people have been eager to try to discredit the report all the same although based on what I’ve seen these attempted debunkings are not coming from the most scientifically minded amongst us:

“Describing misogyny as people tweeting ‘slut’ and ‘whore’ at you is akin to saying that misogyny is really just calling people nasty names,” she said. “On the contrary, men specifically have harassed several dozen women I know personally by threatening them with death and rape, and by making their hidden identities public to enable more harassment by more bad actors, also almost always men.”

Cool anecdotes, sis, not like women ever tweet out death threats at other women, not at all, nuh uh womyn’s dindu nuffin!

Notorious penis hater and 2015 Hypocrite of the Year 2nd runner up Clementine Ford has her own elegant theory of how the study may be flawed: those accounts are all men pretending to me women.

“I’m well aware that women employ the language of patriarchy against each other in order to negotiate some form of nominal power, but there is also a rising practice of men creating ‘sock accounts’ in which they pose as women in order to make it seem like this isn’t a gendered problem.”

Hahahaha. Now that is some dedicated misogyny right there.

Ecosexual bathhouse

Ecosexuals Marry Ocean

Did you ever feel like hugging trees just wasn’t quite doing it for you anymore? You may be among a rising number of individuals whom, thanks to modern-day society’s complete lack of standards or disdain for things which are obviously degenerate, have embraced the identity of ‘ecosexual‘, yes literal tree fuckers.  And this week the ecosexuals of Santa Monica College took it to the next level, not content to merely make sweet love to mother ocean, they gave their vows and married her!

Lead by UC Santa Cruz professor Elizabeth Stephens and Annie Sprinkle, the effective leaders of the ecosexual movement, a group of a little under 30 people huddled in a circle, complete with matrimonial props and ocean-themed attire, and vowed to commit themselves to the ocean.
“Back when I would hug trees in Santa Cruz, I would sort of ask the tree if it was okay if I hugged it and I would feel their spirit or energy or something give a response back, and then proceed accordingly,” Serenity said. “Consent is definitely important. Do you think the Earth would consent to fracking and pollution? Probably not.”
I gotta tell you, Serenity, that “or something” is probably just the LSD. On the plus side, the next time I get caught my friend gets caught peeing in the pool, he can just say it’s his ecosexual kink so stop like oppressing me, man.

Cake for Misanthropists

A group calling itself “Anti-Fascist Initiative Cake for Misanthropists” has taken credit for tossing a cake in the face of German politician Sahra Wagenknecht in response to stating her position that the country should begin to consider putting a cap on the number of migrants it allows to enter.


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