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This Week In Social Justice 22/05/16

#ElbowGate, a veritable clinic in victim feminism

If you haven’t heard by now, Canadian Prime Minister and teenage heartthrob Justin Trudeau is trending on Twitter after his vicious assault on a female MP. If you watch the video above, you will be able to really understand what was going on here.

These MPs were intentionally physically blocking the path of the conservative whip in a way that feels entirely reminiscent of that Mizzou video where the students were pushing and virtually trampling over a journalist while chanting “I’m just walking forward” or the common SJW tactic of surrounding cameramen and blocking them from taking footage all while wearing what can only be fairly and accurately described as a shit eating grin, just like the shit eating grin being worn by MP Ruth-Ellen Brosseau as she was engaging in this childish and inappropriate game of ‘none shall pass’.

But what is most important to understand is the way that victim feminism has created a social atmosphere that allows conniving women like Brosseau to capitalize on perceived victimization as a way to leverage power and privilege. Just look at this pitiful statement put out directly following the incident:

“I want to say that for all of us who witnessed this, this was deeply traumatic, what I will say, if we apply a gendered lens, it is very important that young women in this space feel safe to come here and work here.”

Deeply Traumatic? Gendered lens? Why do you even need to apply that? Oh that’s right, because we’re suppose to care about the plight of women more. That’s the only reason you want to apply a gendered lens. You’re clearly not cut out for politics, darling.

muslim peace selfieMuslim Peace Selfie

Zakia Belkhiri, a 22-year-old Muslim took and tweeted out photos of herself making peace signs in front of a demonstration by Vlaams Belang a conservative Belgian political party. This was immediately picked up by the mainstream media and hailed with such terminology as ‘defiant’, ‘brilliant’, ‘fearless’, ‘inspiration’ and ‘hero’.

For me this stands as somewhat of a testament to how desperate the media is to find stories about Muslims that can be cast in a positive light. First of all, let’s just ask ourselves, what did this lady do? Answer: She took some selfies. End of analysis. That is it. That is literally where the bar is set to be considered, and I quote, a hero, for a Muslim.

Why is that, I wonder? What does it say about Muslims, that the bar can be that low? If this was any person other than a woman in a hijab, it would be non story, an absolute non event, but because it’s a woman in a hijab it doesn’t only go viral, it goes viral so blindingly fast that no one in the media, as usual, bothered to try to figure out who this person was…which turns out to be a good old-fashioned Hitler admiring Jew hater…oops.

Zakia Belkhiri likes Hitler, not so hot on jews
Once the digging into her past started she tried to brush things under the rug by deleting all her old tweets.

Zakia Belkhiri tweet delete

But it was too late, the screencaps were already out there, which led to her first claiming they were doctored…

Zakia Belkhiri claims screencaps were photoshopped

 But ultimately she conceded they were real, while also back peddling.

Zakia Belkhiri meant the zionists

So it’s only the Zionists that prove Hitler’s point? Thanks for clearing that up, lawl.

facebook, youtube and twitter being sued for hate speech

Facebook, Twitter & YouTube sued for hate speech

A French Jewish youth group has launched a lawsuit against the major social media platforms, claiming they are ignoring hate speech, even when flagged.

“There needs to be more moderation, but it’s complicated and expensive,” Gilles Clavreul, the delegate to France’s prime minister on fighting racism and anti-Semitism, said this week on French radio, after the research was published. “There’s only one way for social networks to improve: By hiring more people.”

This lawsuit comes at an awkward time for Facebook as they have also been heavily criticized for excessive censorship. Hopefully the courts will recognize the importance of erring on the side of free speech and we will see these hate speech whiners told to suck it up and learn how to use the block button if they come across content they don’t like.

AirBnB has also been targeted with a lawsuit due to a host allegedly refusing to accommodate someone based on race. To be fair, this strikes me as a much more legitimate complaint, if discrimination is really taking place, but you would think that it should be the actual discriminatory hosts that should face the repercussions and not AirBnB which is merely the platform they use. I mean hell, why not just sue the people who invented HTML and javascript, while you’re at it, since their technology is being used to enable discrimination.

MuffPoSoWhite a diversity problem at huffington post#MuffPoSoWhite

An editor at the Huffington Post tweeted out an image she somehow thought wouldn’t backfire spectacularly. The image shows a group of editors which are all seemingly all female and all white except maybe one or two, with no blacks being represented.

The very notion that an all female board would be something to be proud of only further goes to show something which was highlighted in one of my favorite videos by Christina Hoff Sommers where she shows that the feminist metric for gender equality is very simple indeed: men bad, women good.

Of course, the entire internet doesn’t tend to act as an echo chamber and so you can imagine the type of responses they got, like this one, currently sitting at over 20 thousand retweets.

Huffington Post Diversity Or Lack Thereof

I,Hypocrite, back from hiatus

Dear readers: you may have noticed it’s been a full two weeks since I’ve posted to the old blogorino or YouTube channel. Well I’ve been really busy due to a dispute with my landlord that has required me to go around collecting a bunch of evidence and affidavits to prove he’s lying, and also I’ve just been feeling a little bit burned out and needed a break from creating content.

The fact that the Social Justice Warriors Facebook page got taken down was also pretty demotivational for me, if I’m telling the truth. They offered me a fantastic opportunity to increase my reach with access to their large audience and seeing it get taken down just made me wonder if it’s worth the effort trying to build up an audience when you’re always at risk of extremists coming after you and having you silenced so you can’t oppress them, or whatever.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you all know I’m back from my break and just a friendly reminded that I have a patreon and paypal account where I am grateful for any donations you may want to throw my way as money in the bank is a sure-fire way to help me feel motivated to keep creating content you hopefully enjoy. Thanks and see you in the next post!


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