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This Week In Social Justice 01/05/16

#TrigglyPuff Rises

TrigglyPuff makes the news

An event at University of Massachusetts Amherst called “The Triggering,” which featured a discussion criticizing politically correct movements on campus hosted by conservative vlogger Steven Crowder, Milo Yiannopoulos, and Christina Hoff Sommers, drew the usual crowd of anti-Milo protesters. But one young lady rose above all others and captured our collective heart. That lady is the one known as TrigglyPuff.

What if TrigglyPuff is just meme-magic incarnate and we all collectively memed her into existence?

Meme-magic incarnate? Sounds far fetched. But is it tho? I’m just going to present the evidence, and you judge for yourself:

Triggly at a rave

Rave Triggly

King Hipp Triggly

King Hippo Triggly

Normie reacts to triggly

Normie Reacts To Triggly

Blood Sugar Triggly


Power Bar Trigglies

Late for McDonalds Triggly
Late For McDonalds TrigglyPuff

Drum Triggly

Drum Triggly

Pokemon Triggly

Actual Pokemon Triggly



I think you get the idea. Meme magic indeed.

Cheer And Dance Tryout Look - guidelines for cheerleaders

Cheerleader Guidelines Spark Outrage

Imagine having your head so far up your ass that you think THIS is what's wrong with America.
University of Washington released it’s guide to help aspiring cheerleaders prepare for the tryouts, and, even tho some have pointed out that this is a typical guide much like other schools put out every year, let’s just say there was no shortage of butthurt. I mean shit, I’ll admit “girl about town lipstick” is a funny choice, but do we really need to get bent out of shape over appreciation of feminine beauty? Do we really?

This college cheerleader "how-to" guide is complete bullshit. Be thinner! And whiter!

Hahaha, what? Whiter? Are you serious? This is what it has come to people, you literally can’t use a white person in an ad or a flyer. Naturally it doesn’t say anything about race or skin color, other than to actually encourage tans, whether natural or spray on. @HuffPostWomen projecting much?

Disgusting UW decision on cheerleader qualifications
It literally fucking isn’t tho. Implied, that is. What is wrong with you people?

Of course not everyone on twitter treated the situation super seriously.

Hair Dont's: Trendy ColorsSaw the UW Cheerleader Do's and Dont's lists, obviously.

Fortunately in the aftermath some tweets surfaced putting to rest any notion that spots on the squad were only open to white girls:


Or thin girls:


Hahaha, am I right? Someone has to be the base of the pyramid. Hahaha. Guys I’m not saying she’s fat I’m just saying she don’t need the internet because she’s already world wide. I’m not saying she’s fat I’m just saying that her Polo shirt had a real horse on it. I’m just sayin’ when the squad coach told her to haul ass she hadda make two trips. I’m just saying her cereal bowl come with a life guard…

Aristotle's Rhetoric

SJW Rhetoric & Sophistry

The job of digging through stories of Social Justice to find interesting meat to serve up to my readers for this column, which I try to prepare with the care of a chef putting together a five course meal is not a particularly glamorous one. I often find myself slogging through boring stories of Academia and student politics which don’t have that particular panache that will capture the the mind of the reader and grip them with either laughter or terror.

No, not all stories can be so easily processed and enjoyed as a fat girl waving her arms around, or fat girls complaining about cheerleader guidelines, or fat girls bragging about making the squad (seriously tho, @Syd_Kaz, diet when?)

Sometimes the stories are dry and perhaps even seemingly innocuous, they require a little bit of digging into to appreciate the madness behind them, and I encountered quit a bit of that this week so I’ve decided to share it with you, if for no other reason than for you to appreciate what I am typically sparing you so that you can enjoy the easily digestible anecdotes.

Opinions Are Oppressive:

In a long-winded blog post on the NASPA website (Student Affairs Professionals in Higher Education), e of waxes philosophical on how much it grinds Xirs gears when instead of just agreeing with everything Xir says, people insist on the right to have their own opinions, a practice rooted in, can you guess? Drumroll…white supremacy:

When discussing issues of social justice and equity, the dialogue is so quick to turn to “well, we all are allowed to have opinions.” I have found myself silenced with this so many times this year, and I cannot help but reflect on what it does to perpetuate systems of oppression and silence marginalized opinions.

People choosing to not agree with you is not the equivalent of you being silenced. Seriously, get over yourself.

There is no purpose for dialogue or debate if we suggest that everyone can maintain their own opinions at all times.

Ahahaha what!? That would be some creepy shit if you weren’t such a joke. Learn to debate better. I suggest studying how white people do it.

Legitimate Racism:

Campus Reform, the same hardworking shitlords that got the scoop on TrigglyPuff, bring us another story this week by sharing some spicy excerpts of the Unofficial Scripps Survival Guide. A a 217 page document intended to help new students acclimate to the college.

This guide includes such radical concepts as dropping the term ‘preferred’ from PGP (Preferred Gender Pronouns).

“There’s nothing wrong with Gender Pronouns! However once we say ‘preferred’ we’re invalidating the entire idea. How people identify is how they identify; it is not a ‘preference.’”

Or dismantling that ivory elephant in the room, White Privilege:

The set of unearned benefits white people gain as a result of systematic racism and discrimination.

And the best part, guidance for non white students on how to deal with racism:

“Anger is a legitimate response to oppression,” the authors state in their letter to white people, “as is sadness, fear, frustration, exhaustion, and a general distaste or hatred of white people.”

Remember everyone, it’s not racism when the object of your disdain deserves it.

Social Science Horror Shows:

As if all that isn’t bad enough, the rabbit hole of sophistry only gets more pronounced when you decide to take a look at what publicly funded university faculty are spending their research grant dollars on.

Like this little gem, which sets out to prove what I’m sure we all know already, that Pilates are racist. Yes, the exercise.

Pilates Are Racist

Or perhaps you prefer this little gem, straight from my neck of the woods, which purports to demonstrate how not for profit sex with the homeless can “combat capitalism”.

Mapping the hobosexual : A queer matrialism

Not for profit, mind you. While I can’t imagine that “for profit sex” with hobos is a thriving industry, per se, I must stress that those of you looking to combat capitalism, and possibly acquire an acute case of scabies, mustn’t seek to make a quick buck on the side, that would be totally not queer, bro.

Shout outs to @real_peerreview for providing me with countless hours of confused, frustrating and down-right irritating reading.

Indifference To Katanas Is Racism


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