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X Is Better Than You

While I have debated the idea of scripting my videos in advance I have ultimately decided not to do that for now as I want to improve on my ability to elucidate ideas off the cuff. Unfortunately that means I don’t always get the point across as well as I would hope, so to elaborate a bit on why I started off by bringing up the point of “ideas are easy but execution is difficult” allow me to provide some examples.

For example, I know a person who actually pitched me the idea of ‘feminist uber’ before the idea went mainstream. And I mean like a good year before. So how could that happen? Well, I guarantee you my friend didn’t do much work into making her idea happen beyond telling it to a few people. She told it to me because I’m a developer and she wanted me to essentially build the system for her, which is super complicated by the way, like way over my head.

As a developer, I see this all the time. You can go on the webdev section of craigslist for probably almost any given region at any given time and see a posting from someone claiming they have an idea for the next great app and they just need someone to code, design, integrate and launch it for them on multiple platforms, and they are willing to share sometimes as much as half the revenue generated by said idea. The ideas, by the way, invariably and without exception end up being an utterly pointless and hopeless variation of something that already exists and usually is claimed to be unique because it targets some particular niche. Like oh, my idea is Tinder for atheists, or some such other vapid concept which could actually potentially generate revenue, if someone put in the hundreds and hundreds of hours required to manifest something like that into existence.

Point being, if you have a business you want to start then ask yourself are you passionate enough about this idea to see it through? Are you willing to put in all the unpaid work it will take to get the idea off the ground? If the answer is yes then you shouldn’t be deterred by people that want to tell you things like “it’s not a good idea” or “that niche is already filled” or “you can’t compete with so and so”.

Just do it.




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