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This Week In Social Justice 24/04/16

Digital Blackface Not Irie

Snapchat be unleashing all type of fuckery in celebration of dem mos’ blessed holiday, 420. Bumbaclot pussyholes be all up in their virtue signal, innit? Snapchat release a statement:

“We don’ we really care what people say, we don really watch wha’ dem wan’ do.”

 Bob Marley is more than 'One Love', weed and dreads. He was a revolutionary. Remove that racist filter @SnapchatYah Chuck, I&I agree. stfup.

You dan't have to be Desi to join the Desi Association

Whitey Chants In Hindu

Carrie Grossman, an alumni of Brown University was the target of a modest student protest for her ‘Evening of Devotional Music‘, an evening of Hindu chanting and meditation. The students accused Grossman of “cultural appropriation” and disrupted her performance until they were finally asked to leave, which of course led to them making allegations of “being silenced”.

Imagine having your head so far up your ass that you think not being able to completely disrupt and overtake someone else’s event as oppression. Chinese student presenting violin performance of classical European music is cultural appropriation?

LOVE WINS FAG cake - whole foods

Nice Cake, Fag

Pastor Jordan Brown, of Austin Texas, claims he got a cake from Whole Foods which read ‘LOVE WINS FAG’. The severe emotional distress prompted Brown to file a lawsuit. Whole Foods, however, fired back their own vicious salvo which includes surveillance footage which they claim proves the cake box was tampered with after leaving the store.

As if that’s not enough, the person who decorated the cake is part of the LBGTQ community. Maybe God redecorated the cake after Brown left the store? Whole Foods is counter suing, which should make this guy wind up somewhere in the neighborhood known as oblivion. S’what you get.


Good Grammar Is Racist

Remember this story?

This UCLA Professor Called Racist for correcting grammar and spelling on student papers.
Apparently there’s at least one person on the planet who is not a student and still thinks this concept isn’t utter bullshit. Mona Chalabi, in a video made with The Guardian, says that correcting people’s grammar is, in fact, muh racism.

It doesn’t take much to see the power imbalance when it comes to grammar snobbery. The people pointing out he mistakes are more likely to be older, wealthier, whiter, or just plain academic than the people they’re treating with condescension. All too often, it’s a way to silence people, and that’s particularly offensive when it’s someone who might already be struggling to speak up,” concludes Chalabi.

She gives the example of how using ‘literally’ in the modern and incorrect way, is totally fine since people understand the new meaning and the dictionary has been updated to reflect that. This is a gawdawful argument as it is ignoring the improper use of words that haven’t actually been updated in the dictionary, not to mention that even the massive SJWs over at Cucked Cracked spoke at length on one of their recent podcasts about how there is literally no other word in the English language that has the same meaning as what ‘literally’ is suppose to mean, while there is a metric shit ton of adjectives that simply add generic emphasis.

Maybe the people who are out there correcting grammar aren’t trying to silence you so much as they are trying to help you not look fucking stupid while also preserving the integrity of their language. Irregardless, isn’t it kind of racist as fuck to say that the only people who care about good grammar are white?


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