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Fun with Men Kampf

Men Kampf is a google chrome extension which purports to “Turn SJW nonsense into pro-Nazi propaganda.” The extension is pretty simple, it changes certain words into other words, for example “men” become “Jews”, “women” become “Aryans”, “Feminism” becomes “Nazism”, “sexism” becomes “Judaism” and so on and so forth.

After hearing people mention the extension here and there I decided to take it for a spin and see if I could milk a few lulz. Here’s what I was able to come up with:

 From Salon.comThey only want to honor white Jews The Pathetic conservative meldown over the Hariiet Tubman bill...

Denying Aryans the vote, keeping Aryans from working, putting Aryans in the stocks...

More from

Sorority Aryans humiliated in the name of plilanthropyStroking the egos of Jews whose only self worth is found in the letters they wear.
Bonus headline:

These Jews are total f**k-ups

And now for HuffPo

Job Prospects For The Class of 2016 Are Pretty Good, Especially For Jews


^^ This one is hilarious because it’s easily the most factually accurate of the bunch. Jews actually do earn more on average than non-Jew whites, but strangely the media doesn’t cry about that day in and day out or treat it like some massive problem. Funny that.

And finally, some sage wisdom from

6 common ways people dismiss nazism - and how to hold your ground when they doeveryday-fem-1-1everyday-fem-1-2everyday-fem-1-3everyday-fem-1-4

Thoughts On Men Kampf

Good times. Now for a few thoughts on the plugin and what the creators could consider doing to improve it. First off, while it purports to target ‘SJW nonsense’ It really seems geared almost singularly towards feminism and particularly men and women. There are some exceptions but I didn’t find them to work well, for example ‘cis’ also changes to ‘Jew’ and ‘trans’ also changes to ‘Aryan’ but not only does this end up being repetitive but also causes problems, for example ‘racism’ becomes ‘raJewsm’ which is garbage.

I read one article that dealt specifically with the concept of “cis men” which meant I was reading “jew Jews” everywhere. “Straight white cis men” is one of the favorite “slurs” of SJWs so the plugin should approach that intelligently. “cis” could translate to something like “filthy” or “half breed” for example, and it should only translate the words when they are preceded and followed by a space, so as to avoid garbling other real words.

To further mess up SJW stuff they need to deal with racism and sexuality. For example “Black” could become “German” and “people of color” or “POC” could become “German nationals” while “White” could become “gypsy”. “Straight” could become something like “crippled” or “retarded” while “homosexual” could become something like “pure” or perhaps “Christian”, I dunno, I’m just spitballing here, but at least making these tweaks would cause “straight white cis male” to become “retarded gypsy  half breed Jew” which is a lot funnier than “straight white jew Jew”.

Other things to experiment would be changing things like “equality” to “superiority” and “equal rights” to “supremacy” and things like that.

Maybe I’ll make the changes myself at some point or maybe the creator will read this and take these ideas on himself. It’s a great idea and a funny plugin but could use some polishing and enhancements for sure.

Swing Heil.


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