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Ned’s Best Cringe 20 April 2016

I’ve been meaning to do one of these for a while. The cringe has really been flowing but I keep forgetting to email myself the list so I can post it. Consider this a super duper deluxe edition of cringe overflow.

Local weeb getting laid tonight:

Local weeb getting laid tonight

How has she not been street scouted?

These are my model picks please like and share - cringe

Most will never know a hurt like this:

The pain in my eyes is only a fraction of what lies inside this withered heart of mineDon’t undersell it bro, tell her what she’s in for:

omiscient orgasmic awarness I’m not familiar with the original, did he nail it?

 Ladies, the search for your own Edward Cullen may be at an end:

Edward Cullen IRL
Someone help. When you're ironically dying on the inside and being attractive at the same time

He can watch while I make your asshole look like the front part of a blowhorn

Would’ve done the same tbh:

My mom came in my room today asked my why I had so many tissues...

Not actually cringe I just need to save this for later:

10/10 would drive:

weeabo car

Literally fuck off you ugly cunt:

your cat thinks you need sexCan’t imagine why anyone would pick on this person:


Someone link me this video:

AMA and Girl Advice With DJ FedoraSome people still have principles:

some people still have principles

Puberty hit like an atom bomb tho

freshman and puberty

11 PM

What time are you horny?
Still a better love story than Twilight:


Using Facebook to get laid 101:

Don't use this group to hit on girls
Sometime I love the internet, sometimes I hate it:

Bronie freaks are the worst, trolling or not.

I don’t see the problem here tbh but Ned says it’s funny:

my fiance, my best friend, my cousin and lover


No one messin wid me nymore

Maddy <3

Maddy <3

These people are real, FYI

This guy fucks his Norbert doll

A wild gentleman appears

A wild gentleman appears

It’s about to get real

I'm a kawaii motherfucking potatoe

Young RooshV?

Young RooshV

Young Alex P. Keaton? (look behind her)

Young Alex P. Keaton
Surely this is a troll…surely..

love pakistanBasic bitches killed my vibe


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