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The Facebook Page Wars of 2016 : Profiling Rose S Garston

Rose S Garston

Who is the mysterious Rose S Garston that has been taking credit for all the pages being recently pulled by Facebook? Welcome to the latest version of investigative journalism* by I,Hypocrite, where I intend to compile just enough circumstantial evidence to point my finger at someone and scream J’ACCUSE!

*by investigative I mean speculative and by journalism I mean blogging.


A battle is raging all around us. You might not see it. You might not know anything about it, but rest assured that it rages on as surely as the sun. I am of course, speaking of the Great Facebook Page War of 2016, wherein organized collectives plot and execute mass reporting raids against pages and profiles they don’t agree with, in order to have the pages and profiles ultimately pulled by Facebook, or as it has become known colloquially, the pages get Cuckerberged.

Nice meme but how about a postblock?

Now, mass reporting raids are nothing new. Islamists report atheists. Anti-vaxxer report science. Tumblrina’s report TERFs. And private groups have righteous crusaders have existed for a while to mass report everything from fat jokes to memes about aborigines.

Anyone can report this guy. The fat jokes are getting oldGary must be a blast at parties.

Muh Men’s Rights Activism

Back when I started this blog I was following a bunch of feminist pages on Facebook, basically looking for fodder to write about. This is a practice I no longer engage in, as it was bad for my blood pressure and mental sanity. One page I use to follow was called Muh Men’s Rights Activism (MMRA). I got into a very brief discussion with the admin of the page which resulted in my swiftly getting blocked. At a later date I noticed the page had been taken down. I wrote a post, part of which was to decry this censorship and stand up for freedom of speech.

cwxzw-0usaahpd8AND THEN THEY BANNED ME

This page wasn’t large, but I could tell from my brief time monitoring and even briefer time interacting with the admin that it was ran by a person who was clearly unhinged and I had a feeling in my guy that the take down of this page was going to set of a nasty chain of events.

Muh Men's Rights Activism is taken down by facebook


A month or two later, anti pages start getting taken down like nobodies business. People started talking on reddit. Sargon mentioned it in one of this recent.videos. Soon someone came forward to take credit for all her scalps and that someone was going by the name of Rose S Garston.

 Psst, thought disclaimers worked? Starting to see how easy to is to abuse [the reporting feature]?

Here we see Rose bragging about her abuse of the reporting system. Rose is obviously super salty about MMRA getting taken down. This is completely accurate by the way. The Facebook Reporting system has no nuance whatsoever. There is basically a list of banned words and phrases and that’s about it. Probably there’s also an exception where enough people reporting the same page will get a human to examine it.

For example, I am currently, at the time of this writing, on a 24 hour postblock from facebook for sharing the following image:


The purpose of the post was to show hypocrisy on the part of Facebook of course, but then I got another ToS strike because of the words ‘Kill All White People‘ showing in that image (FWIW Mexican Pride Group was also taken down eventually).

Speculation ran rampant but nobody seems to know who this Rose person is. Legendary mangina and probable virgin David Futrelle even weighed in after the A Voice For Men page was taken down:

Assuming “Garston” is not the honest-to-goodness feminist fat acceptance activist “she” purports to be, then who is behind the account?
Could it be Elam himself or some other AVFMer trying to gin up some attention and sympathy?
I doubt it. Not that Elam wouldn’t stoop this low. He would. But I don’t think that Elam has the imagination to come up with something like this. And I doubt he would risk getting his Facebook page permanently banned in order to stir up a fake controversy.
No, I suspect it’s the work of someone who doesn’t much like feminism, or fat acceptance, or AVFM.
Could it be the work of some longtime fat-shamer like Forney or Roosh? In addition to using the same picture that Forney used for his post dissing fat acceptance, “Garston” also posted a screenshot from a Dr. Oz show about a 700-pound woman. As you may recall, Roosh made a bit of a spectacle of himself during an appearance on Dr. Oz to discuss his own fat-shaming campaign.
Hahahaha wow. When I wrote that post comparing Feminists to conspiracy theorists, I honestly did not know the comparison was that literal. Is this nigga for real? He is clearly in denial about the level of depravity and delusion that tumblr feminists are capable of. I honestly don’t doubt for one second that Rose is legit. It’s the salt over MMRA which I’m sure she is probably the admin of as well, which really sells it for me.
So is Rose then? What else can we find out about her? Let’s build a profile:

The Quotes


Rose has PTSD

getting catcalled at 717lbs


  1. Severe mental illness and always talking about her mental illness with her followers to garner sympathy and perpetuate victim narrative
  2. Hates “misogyny” (read “men”) and is angry in general
  3. Racist and sexist
  4. Victim complex – revels in self pity
  5. female
  6. Morbidly obese
  7. So mentally damaged that she thinks being able to stand up for a few minutes is the definition of “healthy”.
  8. Victim complex is so severe she pretends that guys sexually harass her. Chya.
  9. Too much time on her hands.
  10. Almost certainly an unemployed loser that spends all day everyday on Facebook looking for stuff that violates ToS while also running pages of her own. This person has nothing of value to offer the world but is able to gain thousands of followers simply by time investment and virtue signalling.
  11. Almost certainly living on welfare or disability.
  12. Probably on drugs.

Truly a product of the modern age we live in.

Now I’m going to do something wildly inappropriate and point my finger at “someone” based on nothing but matching the profile I’ve created. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Rose S Garston:

Zoe Quinn matches the profile

Hahaha. Hahahaha. Ok no, I’m kidding. But seriously, hear me out. Back when I use to follow all those unbearable feminist pages, there was this other page ran by an admin that was equally as unbalanced as the admin of MMRA. That page is called As Seen On Tinder. Let’s see how the admin there matches up against our profile of Rose.

Severe mental illness and always talking about her mental illness with her followers to garner sympathy and perpetuate victim narrative


Hates “misogyny” (read “men”) and is angry in general




Racist and sexist


Victim complex – revels in self pity


Moridly obese female


So mentally damaged that she thinks being able to stand up for a few minutes is the definition of “healthy”






Victim complex is so severe she pretends that guys sexually harass her. Chya.


Too much time on her hands.


Almost certainly an unemployed loser with nothing of value to offer living on welfare



On drugs


I rest my case. It might not be the most compelling case, but it’s definitely not half as stupid as what David Futrelle came up with. Seriously, can you believe how mentally deficient that guy is?

Anyway it’s not like telling you to go and report her page for harassment and abuse. Or the new MMRA page, while we’re at it. I wouldn’t tell you to do that because that would be against my free speech principals. Which is why I’m not. Telling you to do that. Not that I could stop you if you wanted to.

You have enemies, good that means you've stood for something in your life. -Churchill


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