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This Week In Social Justice 20/03/16

Saskatoon Ponders Criminalizing Shunning, Gossip

Saskatoon city councilor Patricia WarwickSaskatoon city council will decide tomorrow on an anti-bullying motion that will apply to all persons over 12 years of age and, amongst other things, lists shunning, ostracizing and “excluding another person” as violations that could result in fines of $300 to $2,500.

Wow. Who is the extraordinarily special snowflake that drafted this legislation? Seriously tho, who is the no friend having fucking loser that thinks people should be fined for not wanting to hang with you?  According to the article it’s the “city hall legal staff”. The closes I could find to an answer is Saskatoon city solicitor Patricia Warwick, pictured here. The main champion of the bylaw appears to be city councilor Ann Iwanchuk.

What planet are we actually living on where fining a kid $300 doesn’t seem like a fucking insane idea? $2500? Trolololol. How out of touch with the working class do you have to be?  I didn’t get my first real job until I was 14 and even then it was part time and most kids I knew weren’t working. This is beyond the pale, quite frankly. These are the people in charge or running the city.

On the plus side, if this goes national then those 14 year old girls that hang out at the park near my house won’t be able to ignore my invitations to chill anymore. I have a right to not be excluded, gawdammit. And you know what they say about 2016, snitches get bitches.

911 What's your emergency? -I believe I may have recently been shunned. -Help is on the way.


The producers censored for having swastika

Censoring The Producers

Tappan Zee High School in Orangetown has put it’s foot jackboot down when it comes to the appearance of the swastika in a drama production of, noted Jew, Mel Brooks’ The Producers.

Four parents complained, reports B.J. Greco, who handles media for the school district. “If you come in out of context, you can misinterpret,” he explains.

This isn’t a huge story of course. But it is the above quote that really spoke to me. In the wake of my Daisy Ridley post, I have had multiple people tell me that I am at fault for any fallout that occurred, since I was the author of the original ‘meme’. This is the mentality which we need to be wary of, that we have to be so careful of what we say, as to tailor it to the point where things can’t be misinterpreted out of context. Fuck off. Just fuck right off. Pussies.


Janet Mockan African-American trans woman and LGBT activist, was invited to speak by the Hillel House

Black, Trans, Queer Activist Protested for Jewish Sponsorship

Does simply engaging in a Jewish space render one unfit to do justice work? This is the question posed by Moral Voices, a student organization at Brown University. And the answer, at least according to pro Palestinian activists, is an unequivocal yes.

Janet Mock, an African-American trans woman and LGBT activist, was invited to speak by Hillel House. Protestors accuse the Jewish organization of being involved in a wider campaign of ‘pinkwashing‘, the idea being that Hillel House is only supporting this speaker’s tour to “improve Israel’s image and rebrand it as a liberal, modern, and ‘hip’ country.”

This all points back to SJW law #27, SJWs are never satisfied. It’s kind of like how, for example, if a man tries to please a woman during sex, he’s only doing so for the sake of his own ego, according to two-bit commie rag It is an important point to understand. Activists and Social Justice Warriors don’t have principles so much as they have agendas. Sometimes it’s anti-Israel, sometimes it’s anti-men…but it’s always anti something at the end of the day because these people have hearts full of hate and can simply never be appeased.






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