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The State of Hypocrisy

As you have no doubt noticed if you’re reading this on the site, big changes are afoot here at I,Hypocrite. I finally found a good provider after a failed flirtation with bargain bin host iPage, I’ve got set up with inmotion as my host now and it seems pretty good. iPage was brutally slow but inmotion is working well for me, if you experience performance issues with the site please let me know along with your ruff location.

As for the design it is a work in progress. I’ll be touching things up every day over the next week or so and getting it all up to scratch. I know there are a lot of issues at the moment like oversized images and the comment section looks awful etc, I’m working on it so bear with me please.

In the end I’m excited about these changes. I hope to make the site more legible and certainly easier to find posts that will be of interest to you, by making it easier to access pages by categories or tags, etc.

I have some other ideas coming as well but I don’t want to let the cat out of the bag too early. Big thanks to everyone that has been supportive by either sharing a post that you like with your friends or followers or just leaving a positive comment. Thanks to all the haters as well, a view is a view is a view, nigga!


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