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Ned’s Best Cringe, 16 March 2016

So I have this co-worker, let’s call him Ned. Dude loves cringe posts. I mean loves that shit. Every day he sends me links over jabber (messenger), along with witty commentary like “this is what happens when you don’t beat your children”.  Every day. He also has a special place in his heart for kids getting hurt. I’ll be sitting at my desk, crunching away at some jQuery, and I’ll hear Ned start laughing out loud. That is a sure fire indicator that I am about to get sent a gif of someone getting hurt, probably a child, possibly badly so. There’s something infectious about Ned’s unabashed revel for other people’s pain, so more and more I find myself clutching my sides along with him.

In my day job we work with stock market data. Parsing, filtering and displaying data in a useful way is called aggregation. Ned is a cringe aggregator, perhaps the world’s finest. I’ve decided to put this unique skill to use and start sharing his finds with my readers, which is great because I’m been looking for an easier way to post more often. I will be doing a daily post of Ned’s best cringe. Please enjoy.

The NFL been around longer than our government

Jacob posted another status on accident

Some people are alive ismply because it's against the law to kill them

looking for an emo gf

Hey mom take a picture of me

cut myself again last nite

He delivers on his promises

Not really into Asians, but you'll still help me with my math homework right?

white power wednesday


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