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#TheTriggering 2016 – Savagery Abounds

March 9th 2016 signified the first ever #TheTriggering event. A 24 hour shitlord festivus dreamed up by Canadian libertarian Lauren Southern (you might remember has the gorgeous girl getting a bottle of cat pissed dumped on her from the most recent TWISJ) Lauren came up with the campaign to shout uncomfortable truths and straight up offensive shitposts en mass as a form of protest after she received multiple temporary bans from Facebook for ‘offensive’ speech.

For those of you who are wise enough not to waste your time actually having a twitter account, here’s an assorted taste of what you missed out on today.

That hashtag succeeded in trending briefly on twitter before being predictably censored.

#TheTriggering trended on TwitterOf course I also joined in the fun:


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