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This Week In Social Justice 06/03/16

SJW’s Doxx, Harass and Assault Dissenters

University of Pittsburgh students were left in tears and feeling “unsafe” after attending a non mandatory speech by dangerous faggot, Milo Yiannopoulos. The students held a meeting two days after the threatening speech was given, in order to address concerns which included the notion that councilors should have been provided in another room to protect students who felt “traumatized” by Yiannopoulos’s opinions.

Upitt safespace

The meeting was also attended by at least one undercover shitlord, who live tweeted the events in a manner which some took serious issue with. Doug Steeber learned what it is to get on the wrong side of Social Justice as a flyer was distributed encouraging people to call his parents and tattle on him for “making fun of sexual assault survivors”, a fake profile was also created which included his parents home address.

Douglas Steeber targeted by SJWs

Douglas seems to have deleted his twitter account. A true victory for Social Justice.

Meanwhile, in Vancouver, BC, Lauren Southern had some unidentified SJW dump a bottle of pop/water/urine? on her head for interviewing/debating some SJW’s about the gender binary. Was it water? Soda? Urine? Inquiring minds want to know. But make no mistake about it, this does constitute assault in Canada.

But let’s not let a little thing like committing legal assault get in the way of SocJus.

Similarly, people who assaulted a bunch of KKK members this week are being hailed as heroes and SJWs are demanding that they be set free. Bleh. That awkward feeling when SocJus has you siding with the KKK. I don’t like these people anymore than the next guy and no I’m not losing any sleep over them getting ruffed up, if I’m going to be totally honest, but that doesn’t mean I condone this. Violence is not the answer, is that really so hard to understand? Apparently it is because they’ve actually started a petition that is essentially asking for it to be legal to violently assault people who are like, problematic, or whatever.

Necrophilia on family guy

Legalize Necrophilia and Incest

Is apparently what the Swedish Youth Party is asking for. Ah youth, so progressive. So…just so progressively progressive. A couple weeks ago I wrote a post about the passing of Justice Scalia. I didn’t really make the points I was trying to make, and plan to revisit the topic at some point, but I did make a somewhat different point which is relates to what we are dealing with here.

In coding we have a term called scope creep. It’s what happens when a client or someone suggests adding some apparently small feature, and you as the developer agree, even tho that wasn’t in the original scope, and then it gets pointed out later that tho support that feature you’ll also have to make some changes to the UI, and of course it would only make sense to add tracking for it on the statistics page, and so on and so forth, to the point where that ‘small’ feature you agreed to add becomes a week’s work and you have to engage in the argument that you tried to avoid in the first place by just agreeing to do it.

What we are dealing with here is something I have started to think of as rights creep. You start off by, say, challenging anti sodomy laws in the Supreme Court, and you win, and everything seems fine because, let’s be honest, sodomy is just good clean fun at the end of the day…but what you don’t realize is that now you’ve opened a whole can of worms to start challenging for all sorts of human rights, including things like necrophilia and incest.

“I understand that [incest] can be considered unusual and disgusting, but the law cannot stem from it being disgusting”. 

There are all sorts of reasons for these acts to be illegal, mostly health issues, but yes it’s also fucking disgusting and that’s good enough. Of course the motion isn’t really being taken very seriously and doesn’t look to have a snowball’s chance in hell of gaining traction with the public at large, but I’m telling you all right now, I have seen the future and it is a level of degeneracy unparalleled by anything known to human history. Yes, not even the Romans. These awful, awful ideas will gain traction, eventually, because we as a society are obsessed with the idea of obliterating shame as a concept that should be applied to anyone except for those deemed as intolerant of others life choices.

gender equality

Study: No Gender Gap in Tech Pay

Ah the tech industry, that last bastion of white male privilege. In a world where women get paid 77 cents on the dollar, it must like, what, 62 cents in silicon valley. I mean, we’ve all heard the stories. Women in tech are underpaid. You can find loads of other articles making that assertion. But not so, says tech recruiting giant, Dice.

…when comparing equal education levels, years of technical experience and job title, no gap exists.

This isn’t actually new news at all. Similar studies have reached the same conclusions in the past.

So why do we still hear about it? Why is there a wikipedia page about sexism in the tech industry pointing at salaries as proof of “covert sexism”. You may as well ask why I write this blog. There is a narrative that society and the mainstream media have latched onto, and it is not entirely truthful or fact based. True story.

men like watching porn, women don't like men watching porn

Study: Porn viewers more likely to see women as equals

I don’t really have a lot to say about this and no, these two studies I’ve posted aren’t so much examples of SocJus as they are evidence to disprove the narrative. I just thought this was mildly interesting so I wanted to give it a quick mention. Given that porn is one industry where there is a known and quantifiable gender pay gap…in favor of women, at least when it comes to straight porn, and that porn has been credited by science for reducing rape, and now it’s shown that people who watch porn have more egalitarian views, it’s hard to understand why feminists hate porn so much. Unless you’re me and have made peace with the fact that feminists are mostly stupid and uninformed ideologues that are more likely to listen to their gut than what some shitlord probably sexist researcher has to say about something.

Lenha dunham photoshopping controversy, redux

Lena Dunham makes fool of herself, blames society

Lena Dunham “called out” a Spanish magazine for photoshopping her body. Then it came out that actually they had done no such thing. So Lena Dunham did the adult thing and apologized, right? Right, sort of. She apologized but also blamed society for making her unable to recognize her own body. Is it a real apology when you pass the buck like that? No, it is not.

women are bad with money

All Woman Ran Investors Firm Goes Tits Up

Cherie Blair’s female-run investment fund has folded, leaving investors with nothing but the sober disillusionment that investing in progressive ideals such as placing all your trust in someone for having a vagina may not be the smart play.

Blair took full responsibility for the multitude of lives she has no doubt left in financial ruin, and by take full responsibility I mean blamed the telegraph for an article they published back in March of 2015.

Heh. Tits up. Get it? Because they’re women.

mind your language

PC Hysteria Claims Another Professor

Andrea Quenette a professor at University of Kansas has been forced to take a leave of absence after dropping the n-bomb in class…in an attempt to admit her own white privilege.

We students in the class began discussing possible ways to bring these issues up in our classes when COMS 930 instructor Dr. Andrea Quenette abruptly interjected with deeply disturbing remarks. Those remarks began with her admitted lack of knowledge of how to talk about racism with her students because she is white. “As a white woman I just never have seen the racism… It’s not like I see ‘Nigger’ spray-painted on walls…” she said.

Deeply troubling indeed. Social Justice is a creepy cult.


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