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This Week In Social Justice 28/02/16

Click Bait

Melissa “I need some muscle over here” Click, a woman who became the poster child for how morally self righteous liberals become goostepping fascists the second they get an eighth of an ounce of power, was fired from the University of Missouri for, well, that thing I just mentioned.

In an effort, apparently, to not give up her fifteen minutes of uber-lolcow status, Click told investigators that she thought the student might have a gun. For anybody who doesn’t understand the problem with Social Justice Warriors, Click exemplifies all of them in a nutshell. The faux morality of the activism they engage in isn’t so much from a saint like disposition, as much as a self serving, narcissistic form of value posturing meant to raise their cred in activist circles, which can become particularly lucrative once you reach the academic heights of someone like Click.

The lack of actual ethics becomes utterly transparent once they get drunk on power and start trampling over the rights of others, something they have no problems doing, due to their self assured sense of moral superiority, and begin lying and fabricating or throwing others under the bus, whatever it takes to extricate themselves from being held to the same rigorous standards they so gladly held everyone else to on their way up the social ladder.

Melissa Click strongarms student journalist

But seriously, Melissa, what in the actual fuck? We’ve all seen the video. Nobody with two percent the brains of a dead pissant thinks you actually felt threatened. I am so glad that you got fired. This is what happens when social justice meets actual justice, biatch.

There are still some issues to resolve for Mizzou. Not only will Clicks absence create a power vacuum in the social justice circles, but it also creates a expertise vacuum at the university, as I can only imagine the administration has been left scrambling to find someone as knowledgeable on Twilight.

13-Year-Old Shitlord Crushes the Dreams of All Girl Scientists. Ever.

…Is basically how this article by the Mary Sue reads. This article brought to you by:

100% pure feminist salt

Just look at some of these lines:

This “mixup” is a pretty stark example of the kind of two-timing manipulation many women face at the hands of male scientists.

What does that even mean? There’s no attempt to quantify that statement, not even a single example. We’re meant to just take it as fact, that in the world of science, two-timing manipulation of women by men is the status quo.

Or how about this gem:

They work hard, paying time and effort into something that is ostensibly for them, but in the end, it just ends up getting taken away and used against them.

Haha. First of all, unlike feminism, science is actually for everybody. But I just love how this reads. As if the girls were tasked with making some kind of helmet that would increase a wearer’s ability to science, succeeded in said task, and then that helmet was given to boys so that women could be kept out of STEM indefinitely. Or something along those lines.

It just keeps going on and on:

Aside from dealing with staggering amounts of sexual abuse and harassment, women are more likely to have their achievements seen as less noteworthy or “good” as their male counterparts.

What the hell are those quotations marks about? Let me guess, ‘good’ is a construct of the patriarchy?

Listen, this whining is as misguided as these patronizing attempts to lure women into STEM fields in the first place. I got into writing computer code because I thought it was really cool how I could manipulate the computer into doing stuff I wanted it to do, not because my parents stuck a sticker of a blue Tonka truck on the side of the fucking monitor, you facile simpletons.

All the genders studies degrees in the universe will never teach you how to con someone into having a deep and lifelong interest in something that they couldn’t come to on their own, so stop trying. Stahp.

Charges Filed against UAlbany Race Baiters

A large rally was held on University of Albany campus on the first of the month after three black female students were assaulted by a horde of racist white boys and their female co-conspirators. Allegations of the use of racial slurs were taken “very seriously” by Albany police, who launched a full investigation.

And then a few days later the police released a video which showed a different story to the one told by the black students. It turns out that the three women in question had actually assaulted another passenger, that the honkies were actually breaking up the violence, and that no racial epithets were bandied about, except by me…and the black female perpetrators:

“The evidence shows that, contrary to how the defendants originally portrayed things, these three individuals were not the victims of a crime,” university Police Chief Frank Wiley said in the statement. “Rather, we allege that they are the perpetrators.”
“What happened on the bus was not a ‘hate crime,'” Wiley said. “The only person we heard uttering racial epithets was one of the defendants.”

#BlackLivesMatter Co-Founder, Alicia Garza, had the following to say:

“I think it’s a contradiction to, on the one hand, call for people to wait for the facts and then to simultaneously frame and shape a story that says there are real victims and alleged victims, and that the real victims are the white students, and that the…alleged liars are the black students,”

Right…except fabrication is literally one of the crimes that the black students are being charged with. I’m really not sure how you are suppose to frame that any more fairly than calling them “alleged liars”.

Straight White Male Tax

You know, to like, combat the wage gap, or whatever. That’s the brilliant idea that Cinder Block comedy festival came up with. I can’t imagine what could go wrong. The idea was originally shared in a Facebook post, which seems to have been taken down. But the idea itself persists, in spite of not exactly being widely embraced by, like, everyone who took the time to comment on the not very popular Facebook page.

Cinder BLock comedy festival price policy faces scrutiny

Incidentally, I’m awarding David Kamminga the title of top shitpost.

White Mediocrity Wins Again

Hahaha, suck it, all other colors of mediocrity.

I could point out all the problems with that post, but the comment section already nuked it from orbit. Good job, internet. Bad job, Huff Post, for having no shame in the race baiting shit that you publish. Just none at all. #ShamelessAmerica.

Legendary Shitlord Trolls Feminists From Grave

An Ontario judge has struck down a deceased doctor’s attempt to set up university scholarships exclusively for white, single and heterosexual students, ruling the unusual stipulations clash with “public policy.” So reports the National Post.

Priebe’s will asked the trustee to set up bursaries for students planning studies in science, including medicine, genetics, biology, chemistry, physics and pharmacology.
It said one should be directed to “Caucasian (white), male, single, heterosexual students,” while the other should be reserved for a “hard-working, single Caucasian white girl who is not feminist or lesbian.”

Troll Face

The bursary was shut down under a precedent that doesn’t allow for posthumous instructions that put the safety of the state at risk. That precedent was set in 1938 when the courts had to rule on a will that set up a sort of “baby derby,” bequeathing money to the woman who had the most babies within a certain period of time. The judges approved that idea, but said courts could step in when provisions were clearly offensive to public interests.

Just so we’re clear, offering women a monetary incentive to pop out as many babies as they can as quickly as possible, isn’t considered a risk to public safety, but wanting to set up a bursary fund to help straight white men get educations, that’s a paddlin’.

More SJW Hypocrisy on GitHub

So someone posted this on reddit today, and it makes for a short and interesting read. Before we can really understand what’s going on here, I think we need to take a minute and figure out just who the hell Coraline Ada is. Exhibit A:

Coraline Ada ate my misogyny

Oh my sweet Jesus. Why do you gotta keep doing this to me, internet. Okay, it’s okay, I can do this, soldier on lp…

Coraline Ada Ehmke twitter bio
Oh c’mon! Are you kidding me? I’ve been putting out quasi steady content for three solid months now and nary a penny in donations, but dis bitch is getting almost $400 a month just for being trans! Her one website that she lists on patreon is expired, and the other project is just a code of conduct. A fucking code of fucking conduct. I’ll have you all know that a savvy commentator on /v/fatpeoplehate once referred to my blog as ‘mildly entertaining‘. So when is it lp’s turn to get some love in the form of monetary compensation, huh? But I digress…

Anyway, back to the discussion at hand, Coraline has recently joined the GitHub team to work with them on community management. PHP heavyweight Paul M. Jones wrote a brilliant rebuttal to the code of conduct, which he rightfully refers to as a political tool, on his blog.

So anyway, back to github, here’s the kind of shit Coraline has been up to. So the OP there was just pointing out her hypocrisy, because Coraline contributes to an SJW e-mag ran by a batshit crazy woman by the name of Shanley Kane.

So, long story short, what people want to know is, how can Caroline be considered the arbiter of inclusion, and go around asking to have people removed from projects because of “anti-trans” views that they tweeted, while maintaining a working relationship with someone that tweets stuff like this:

But Coraline, in typical SJW fashion, seems to have penchant for shutting down discussions that she doesn’t want to have…

What's in a covenant? Religious implications?

Now, the one important thing you all really need to know about this is…

CoralineAda locked and limited the conversation

Dutch Man at Protest arrested for wearing Pig Hat because it “May offend Muslims”


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