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This Week In Social Justice 21/02/16

Ghetto Blacktivism

“Do you believe black lives matter?” That was the question posed to former Marine and war hero, Christopher Marquez, moments before he was beaten and robbed by a group of young thugs while eating at a McDonald’s restaurant the evening of Friday, February 12th.

Marquez was famously photographed during that deployment helping carry then-1st Sgt. Bradley Kasal out of a house in Fallujah. Kasal was wounded and later received the Navy Cross. The photograph was later turned into a statue at Camp Lejeune, N.C., and Camp Pendleton, Calif.

Christopher Marquez, Marine bronze star recipient, carries Bradley Kasal out of house under heavy gunfire in Fallujah

Police have release a, typically grainy and low quality, surveillance video of the attack, but so far no arrests have been made. While Marquez is critical of the Black Lives Matter movement, he is also urging people to stop using social media to make racial slurs and unfounded accusations against African Americans.

“That’s just increasing people’s anger on these matters,” Marquez said. “People need to condemn this, regardless of their skin color. If someone commits a racist crime, it’s a racist crime.”

A gofundme was also set up for those who wish to show their support.

Fuck Yo Painting

Students at UTC burn 'white colonial' paintings

Students at the University of Cape Town in South Africa ransacked university buildings Tuesday and set fire to paintings depicting white people, according to local news. This is merely part of a wave of wider vandalism that has plagued Cape Town since the inception of the Rhodes Must Fall movement, and is connected to an affordable housing crisis on campus.

Things seem to be escalating every day in light of arrests and allegations of police brutality.

The police fired stun grenades and rubber bullets at unarmed students for three hours. Private security kidnapped and violently assaulted one student, who is part of RMF but was not at the protest. Throughout the night, police escalated the violence (even shooting at students who were not protesting). As a result, students burnt a UCT vehicle and the office of the vice-chancellor….
…Decolonisation is violent. It messes with the colonial order that maintains Black bodies as subservient beings over a violent, white supremacist superstructure. 

While I sympathize with the economic plights of the students, I have to say, I think someday they are going to realize the error of these ways. Just for starters, paintings and statues are just objects, they can’t oppress you, but not only that, they are part of history. It’s fine of you want to view that history in a context that you deem correct, in other words, with loathing and derision, but I don’t understand what is gained by destroying art. To me it is in the same class as burning books, a crass and cowardly act.

And I have to wonder, is this decolonization, or is this blackmail? The acts of violence and vandalism seem to be motivated by wanting better conditions from the proverbial ‘white overlords‘, rather than just wanting them gone. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out, but I can’t help be reminded of Zimbabwe and well, we all know how that turned out…

Mugabe done fucked up

Social Media Engineering

This is a topic that is too complex to just narrow down to one event or news story, but essentially, if we can learn anything about what’s been going on over social media in the last week, it’s that it’s finally becoming the totalitarian mind control tool it was always meant to be.

Twitter shadowbanning has been officially confirmed as a real thing. For those who don’t know, a shadowban is when a user has no indication that anything has changed, but their posts are not displayed to other users. On Twitter this is the equivalent of a site wide mute. Shadowbanned users keep on tweeting away, totally unawares that their posts are not reaching their followers.

According to the source, Twitter maintains a ‘whitelist’ of favoured Twitter accounts and a ‘blacklist’ of unfavoured accounts. Accounts on the whitelist are prioritised in search results, even if they’re not the most popular among users. Meanwhile, accounts on the blacklist have their posts hidden from both search results and other users’ timelines.

What’s crazy about the Twitter shadowbannings is that the targeting is so clearly along ideological lines as to be just blatant suppression of expression, rather than the curbing of harassment, something in direct contrast to the Twitter mission statement.

The Twitter mission statement, corrected

Other users are being outright suspended, as seems to have happened to thoughtful conservative blogger, Robert Stacey McCain. I am a fan of McCain’s, when I began to compile the ideas for writing an article on what I termed the feminist industrial complex, I found that this was a subject McCain had already been writing about for sometime, and in a lot more resourceful manner than someone like me could hope to accomplish.

Meanwhile, you have the so called progressive left, bolstered by the fact that they are literally the establishment at this point, going around openly trying to provoke reactions so they can get people fired from their jobs and maintain some feeling of power and relevancy, crybullies indeed:

Amy Miller pokes the bearsClick the image for more info on this story

Randi Lee Harper, insufferable twat

And so on and so forth…

Meanwhile, on Facebook, more of the same

Facebook bans vis magazine

Scaachi so Tacky

White males need not apply

Meanwhile, on the correct side of twitter’s ideological battle lines, buzzfeed editor Scaachi Koul sent out the call for submissions, with one catch, white men can go piss up a tree.  Well, you can imagine the response, which makes me wonder if this shouldn’t have just been included in the part of this article talking about people intentionally provoking “harassment“.

When challenged on her position she proceeded to say things like “HA HA ANYWAY BAN MEN LITERALLY THROW THEM ALL IN THE GARBAGE” and “You owe these pale demons nothing“.

Scaachi has deleted her twitter account. See ya, edgelord.

Dangerous Faggot

Milo’s tour is underway and, as expected, triggered feminists are coming out of the woodwork to show us all how radical they are. Take the guy in the video, for example, who was also seen disrupting the ‘Calm Down‘ talk that Milo and Based Mom gave in Minnesota.

An astute redditor found this lolcow’s tumblr, and gave us an archive before it got taken down, which in turn provides some serious insight into what drives someone to this level of belligerent rage, particularly this moment of self awareness:

I've fucking failed at life completely by age 23
Fight the power, edgelord

But the best is yet to come. Milo is set to debate concentration camp enthusiast Julie Bindel on the topic of free speech and how feminism does or doesn’t promote it. This promises to be the most interesting leg of the tour to date and I for one and am looking forward to this heavyweight bout.



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