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This Week In Feminism 14/02/16

It’s Valentine’s Day today, so I thought I would do an all feminist focused version of This Week In, since we can expect our womyn friends to be up to some laughable hijinks on a cisheteropatriarchal capitalist fascist holiday such as today….

overly attached girlfriend valentines day

Doritos Oppresses Women

Ah Doritos, the most subversive of the corn based chip family. It seems like just yesterday you were accused of being “the perfect gateway snack to introduce children to the joys of homosexuality“. And now you’re being accused of that age old pro life propaganda technique, humanizing fetuses.

Look, I’m not going to lie, I for one, am confused. On the one hand you clearly want me to be gay, but on the other hand you clearly want to force women into back alley coat hanger abortions. Are you a right wing fundamentalist christian chip or not? It’s time to draw a line in the sand and then tell me which side to stand on, because I’m not particularly good with nuance and if I can’t get my sense of morality from a vending machine snack food then where the fuck am I suppose to get it from, exactly?

I ain't buying no gay chips

But seriously tho, how does shit like that get 400+ retweets? What is a fetus, exactly, if not human? What does wikipedia have to say about this, oh: “The use of the term “fetus” generally implies that an embryo has developed to the point of being recognizable as a human“. So basically the people at NARAL are just morons in general, alright then.

Now look, just to be clear, not that it matters or that anyone should care what I think, but I am personally pro choice, so don’t get it twisted. I just don’t understand why, when it comes to heavy topics like this, people can’t respect other people’s opinions. Being pro life is a perfectly defensible position to take, and I understand why people take that position, and I respect their beliefs. And honestly, treating abortion like it isn’t a heavy decision, like it’s not the type of thing that is likely to cause a person should have misgivings over, strikes me as being as naive as it is gauche.

But hey, it’s Valentine’s Day, let’s stop all the fussin’ and a feudin’. I’m sorry I called you morons, NARAL, what say you and me get together for some Walking Dead and chill later tonight, I’m into romance and everything, bae, here I got you deez flowers…

Doritos rose bouquet

Feminist Valentine’s Day Cards

From bustle to vox, everyone is putting out their own custom set of feminist valentine’s day cards, so I thought I would make a few of my own for your downloading pleasure. I know this post is going out too late to be useful, but still, you’re welcome, feminists.

Feminist valentine card one
I chu chu chuze you
Hey girl, let's make a non humanized fetus to terminate #ShoutYourAbortion

Crazy Feminist Bullshit Quotes about Valentines Day

Here’s some bullshit quotes from feminists written in the last week in the context of talking about Valentine’s Day:

I love problematizing how love is viewed in our society….
… [Valentine’s Day] promotes the idea that romantic and sexual relationships should be something that everyone aspires to – an idea which marginalizes aromantic and asexual people.

Maybe you want to give yourself a nice confidence boost and write a love letter to yourself. Or, perhaps you want to write a love letter to equality.

…on Valentine’s Day, show your uterus a little love by not hating your last/current/upcoming period.

Just as the Enforced Fun of New Year’s Eve is likely to end up with you crying on the stairs, the Enforced Love of V Day is likely to end up with you… well… probably crying on the stairs.

Holly Bourne

University of Tennessee Rape Lawsuit

The University of Tennessee is being sued for violations of Title IX law, and unusual procedures which include:

[providing] students accused of sexual assault the right to attorneys and to confront their accusers through cross-examination and an evidentiary hearing in front of an administrative law judge. The administrative law judge who hears the case is appointed by [Chancellor Jimmy] Cheek, the lawsuit says.

Apparently similar lawsuits have garnered settlements in the millions of dollars. Millions. As the College Fix points out:

It’s worth remembering why UT is not rushing to judgment: Its Chattanooga administration’s adjudication of an accused student got swatted down by a judge last summer, who said the burden of proof was on the school to show that (surprise) a student athlete didn’t obtain consent from his accuser. In other words, “affirmative consent” is not legally enforceable.

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