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This Week In Social Justice 07/02/16

Google to “redirect” extremist searches

A story surfaced about five days ago that google was going to start redirecting extremist searches to “deradicalization” websites. Google then put out the word that their statement had been misinterpreted and that they were actually starting a program for the deradicalization sites to have targeted sponsored results (ads) for these searches. Glad to have that cleared up, because when search engine companies start openly admitting that they are going to send people to the opposite of what they are searching for, well that might be a sign that it’s time to start shopping for a new search engine.

Still, this hasn’t stopped several sites from posting the original story, as recently as yesterday, with the misleading ‘redirect’ headline, which makes you wonder what ever happened to ethics in search engine journalism? Anyway, I decided to put it to the test myself, so I was all like:

best sword for beaheading infidels

And google was all like:

Radicalism is bad, mmkay?

So I was like:

Fuck this shit I'm out

And that was the day the terrorists lost.

Down and out in statistical computing or #iGiveHead

In which we hear the story of one of those totally smug, holier-than-thou, up his own ass SJW that decided to make a huge stink out of absolutely nothing, as you do, and got told by TPTB to fuck right off..until he wrote a long winded and self important blog post about how mistreated he was and TPTB backpedaled and caved.

Oliver claimed, in his follow up post, to have received 28 death threats over this. I didn’t see any in the comments, and he didn’t share any, so I guess we’ll have to take his word for it. I did scroll through his twitter feed and read those two blog posts, along with all the comments, and this other post where he shows off his mad science skills. And I have to conclude that Oliver Keyes, aka ironholds, is an insuffrable twat that can scarcely write three sentences without hinting at how smart he is. So it was little surprise when I threw his screename into the google machine and was greeted with stuff like this:

Ironholds has aspergers

social justice wikimedia employee Oliver 'ironholds' Keys in all his gloryOf course the guy already has a reputation for being a lolcow, because why wouldn’t he? He’s the type of person who writes a blog post about how anybody that disagrees with him is a total arsehole, while simultaneously being the kind of guy who gets desysoped and admonished by wikipedia, and one vote away from straight up banned, for, and I quote, “his history of incivility, which includes logging out to engage in vandalism and to make personal attacks on other editors on other Wikimedia projects”.

It is for these reasons that Oliver “Ironholds” Keyes is being nominated for the I,Hypocrite HOTY award for 2016. I don’t expect him to do well in the polls, since this stuff is probably a bit too technical for the average person to really give a shit about, but it’s the thought that counts, right?

 Year of the Monkey

Mediocre NBA team, the Sacramento Kings, faced controversy this week when fans complained that starting a giveaway of ‘Year of the Monkey’ shirts on the first day of February, aka Black History Month, was racially insensitive. What bothers me about this is that it’s really offensive to associate black people with monkeys, full stop.

Like if I was the one in charge of this operation and if someone tells me the shirts are offensive, I’m just gonna be like “what the fuck is wrong with you that you think this has anything to do with black people?” I mean, I guess I probably wouldn’t say that, since it was DeMarcus Cousins that got the shirts pulled, and far be it from me to whitesplain, but between you and me, internet, I do feel like it’s really offensive to interpret things that way. By pulling the shirts, they may as well be saying “Oh ya, facepalm, because black people are monkeys, how did we not see that, quick, pull the shirts!”.

They even made fun of it on The Daily Show which you can see here, or if you’re in Canada, here (bit starts at 10:10).


Don’t get mad at me, Curvy Barbie, that hashtag actually trended. In a last ditch effort to save sales that have been tanking for almost an entire decade, Mattel finally gave women what they have been asking for for years, a more realistically averagely proportioned Barbie doll. RIP Lammily.

This prompted all kinds of jokes, of course, from dadbod Ken to hijab Barbie, everyone has something to say about this new direction from Mattel. And then of course, there was the more serious discourse, like seriously asking why there’s no blind Barbie (isn’t that what imagination is for?) to observing little girls playing with the dolls (apparently it goes something like this: “Hello, I’m a fat person, fat, fat, fat.”).

Matel stock price

I think what’s most important to keep in mind here, is that Mattel only cares about the bottom line, so really what we learn here, again, is that shameless pandering to social justice do-gooders is a way to move units.

The troubling case of Matthew Monahan

One story that really caught my eye this week was the tale of a disabled christian vet named Matthew Monahan that was reportedly kicked out of his college and had the police called on him for writing a blog post on feminism that his teacher didn’t like, as part of his assignment. When I first saw this a couple days ago there wasn’t much more to see than the hypeline story. I attempted to find the blog post in question but it didn’t seem to be there at the time.

Looking now there is a new entry which seems to be a combination of the blog post in question, which dealt with Benghazi, and an updated story that seems to be written by a journalist named Deirdre Reilly at If the blog posts can be believed then it really appears like this guy got the old feminist shaft, in which case, man, feminism is such bullshit. I will point out, however, that I’m not able at the time of this writing to find the actual article on, which would give more credibility to the story.

At this point it really seems like one of two possibilities. Either Mathew Monahan got screwed over by a feminist SJW professor that can’t handle people having conservative views, or Mr. Monahan is a deeply troubled and possibly delusional individual. I will be keeping an eye on this story to see if there are any further developments. If he really did get shafted then I sincerely hope he sues them all to hell. If that’s the case then you better believe Melita Garza is going to find herself on the HOTY poll right next to ironholds.

UPDATE: Shortly after writing this post the offending blog post was taken down again. However I finally have found an archived version available here, and it indeed does seem like Mathew’s greatest crime was criticizing feminism.




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