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Ten words butchered by culturally insensitive SJWs Pt.2

This is a continuation of part one. If you missed it, CLICK HERE.

5) Harassment & Abuse

This is the most subjective one on the list to be fair. Here’s my position, alright? When I was growing up, my parents had this saying that they use to bust out any time I complained about other kids being mean to me. Sticks and stones can break my bones but names can never hurt me. We teach kids that the world is a harsh place and the best way to deal with it is to understand that these things can’t hurt us unless we let them. Then at some point in society that changed…

In this victimhood culture that we live in, the words harassment and abuse have become so commonplace that they lost all the original intended meaning. Can you imagine someone who is physically assaulted describing it as simply ‘abuse’? How about sexually assaulted? This is why whenever I hear someone say they were ‘abused’ I know they are just referring to someone saying or tweeting some nasty shit to them, maybe raising their voice.

I see women all the time describing their ex’s as abusive. I’m sure a lot of those women could give as well as they got. My ex claimed to the judge in family court that I was abusive, because I had sent some angry emails to her when she wouldn’t allow me to have access to my daughter. Ya, I don’t want to seem sexist, but let’s just be real about it. Trying to paint someone as abusive is, more often than not, something that women do to men. They do it to garner sympathy, you see this all the time.

People need to man up. If you ask me, unless abuse is either physical, sexual, or directed at a child, then it’s not abuse. No adult should be able to claim competency on the one hand and on the other hand claim they were abused because someone sent them a tweet or an email they don’t like.

Let me never fall into the vulgar mistake of dreaming that I am persecuted whenever I am contradicted.

 4) Privilege

Definition of priviliege at
Have you noticed a trend in the list so far? These words are not all being misused because the people speaking are completely ignorant of English. These terms are being misused because they add weight and gravitas to assertions that would not be so striking if appropriate terminology was applied. And so it is with the popular trend of attaching ‘privilege’ to certain identities, most commonly white males (even tho Asians tend to do better in all the metrics that one would use to attempt to measure such privilege, ie income, education, health, imprisonment..).

There’s a wonderful blog post on that explains this more eloquently than I could, in regards to privilege, so I’ll just point you there. Author Vikram Bath even touches on the Peggy McIntosh list, which is a list I’ve always found incredibly hard to relate to as being largely composed of tangible privileges. I feel like most of the things on Peggy’s list could only be appreciated by a racist.

Bureau of Labor Statistics, Current Population Survey, Council of Economic Advicers White Supremacy In Action

3) Sexism & Racism

Somehow these views are sill being given large platforms, no matter how utterly ridiculous they sound. Here is an article from HuffPost published 2 days ago titled ‘Sexism Against Men? I Wish.‘. has an article titled 6 Reasons Men Can Literally Never Be Victims Of Sexism — And Those Who Think They Can Need To Learn What “Sexism” Is. Not only are these views patently and indefensibly stupid, but they are potentially quite harmful. Many countries have laws against discrimination and if you are actually stupid enough to read this tripe and take it seriously you may find yourself in legal hot water.

Lawsuits against organizations that seek to exclude men are becoming more common. And the men are winning. This is called pushback, ladies. It’s what happens in a fair and open society when people seek to enforce discrimination and hatred against groups based on things like race or sex. So go ahead and keep spreading that hatred, it’s just another pay day for the men’s rights groups you so despise.

These people say the same shit about racism and it is just as indefensible. Oh look, the guardian just published a report on hate crimes on British transit which have risen 35% over the last five years with the greatest rise being against…drumroll…white people. Thanks, Salon.

2) Misogyny

Definition of misogyny at

I actually prefer the merriam webster defition, which is simply ‘hatred of women’, because that’s what the word means. Real misogyny is probably extremely rare. When I try to think of famous examples, I always think of Marc Lépine. After him the next one I can come up with is probably Elliot Rodgers, although even he would probably be more accurately described as a misanthrope, not to mention a creepy as fuck psychopath.

Sexism, misogyny, abuse, harassment, these words have become as interchangeable as they have become utterly meaningless. It’s all just a bland paste that vaguely refers to women being oppressed. Buzzword soup is all these people are good at. If you try to point out how the behaviors that they describe as misogynistic are frequently exhibited by feminists towards men, they will give you the same kind of bullshit about sexism above, basically that misandry is a myth and cannot exist in a world that hates women.

A woman shovels shit onto the internet, it is thrown back at her and she screams misogyny!

1) Feminism

Feminism isn’t about equality. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times, feminism is a collectivist supremacist ideology that parades as quality.



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