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Ten words butchered by culturally insensitive SJWs Pt.1

In honor of the recent feminist attack on oxford dictionary, I’ve decided to write a brief homage to the feminist war on English that we’ve been witness to over the last several years, and pour one out for my dead word homies that have lost all meaning due to their constant and persistent misuse at the hands of pontificating feminists that have chosen to show an absolute disregard for an ancient and proud culture to further their political agenda.

Pour one for my dead homies

10) Oppression

Definition of oppression at
One of the main reasons given as justification for the continued existence of feminism, is the systematic and institutionalized oppression of women. Unfortunately, almost all of the examples they give will fail to meet the basic definition. Do you know what the key word in that definition is? It’s authority. To illustrate my point I googled ‘women are oppressed‘ and took the very top result that came up, an article on from 2014 titled 23 Shocking Ways We’re Still Oppressing Women In the 21st Century. Almost all of the examples that she gives boil down to people having opinions that she doesn’t like. One example is a magazine photoshopping an image of Jeniffer Lawrence. Another example is some guy with a website that gives advice to women on how to become what he considers ‘dateable’. Yet another example is some female blogger writing an article about how women need a good husband to be truly happy.

Doing a news search for ‘oppression’ brought up a story about the tunnel of oppression, which includes, amongst other things, cyberbullying as an example.

For the love of God, these people do not have authority over you! These are not examples of oppression. Some of the things on the list could be argued to be oppressive, so why dilute real issues, by whining about people’s opinions? As we go down the list we’ll see that this dilution of real issues by being placed next to non-issues is a recurring theme in social justice circles.

But wait, lp, what about that 4th definition? Aha! Got you, shitlord, no mention of authority there, how do you know those SJWs aren’t using it in that sense? Look, that definition is bullshit, and when people are using the term, they are never using it in that way, except if they are speaking in an artistic, hyperbolic kind of way like “the silence in the room was oppressive”. How do I know? Because it has to be that way, to preserve the word having any meaning. Anything that you feel you don’t like can be described as ‘adverse conditions’, you know, if you’re a giant pussy. So by that subjective definition, everything, literally everything can be considered oppressive. This cannot be allowed if the word is meant to not be meaningless (another recurring theme).

Pakistani on the misuse of the word "oppression"

 9) Gaslighting

Definition of gaslighting on wikipedia
Gaslighting is literally the deliberate act of trying to make someone think they are insane. I’d have to imagine that this is an exceedingly rare thing to happen in the real world. I mean this is some James Bond villain shit right here. Yet if you search the term on twitter, you will see that someone is tweeting about this approximately every 30 seconds or so.

Take this guy for example, he’s spouting the typical SJW rhetoric that all white people are wealthy because of colonialism, and apparently if you argue that this is a racist generalization (which it is) you are deliberately trying to make him question his own mental sanity. Jesus fuck.

Here one woman is suggesting to another that having an abortion may have aggravated her depression. I’m not here to either agree or disagree with that. I’m here to talk about the bullshit interjection that this is gaslighting. Please go read the definition up there and explain to me how this fits the definition.

Bla bla buzzword soup. A lot of the people using this term just want to sound smart by using a term that a lot of other people are going to hear and then say “what the fuck does that mean?”. But when you use a term incorrectly you don’t look smart, you look, in fact, the opposite of smart. As for those who aren’t just trying to sound smart, well, there’s a reason one of my very earliest posts on this blog was about how SJWs and feminists are just like conspiracy theorists. Nobody has to try to make you people question your sanity, because you’re already fucking nuts!

You have no power here, gaslighter (tinfoil hat woman)

 8) Empowerment

Definition of empowerment at

Feminists spend a hell of a lot of time talking about empowerment. The only problem is that they really don’t seem to understand what it means. Empowering women should mean giving them the skills and education to be financially independent along with the confidence and strength to confront the world without fear and not to crumble and fold in the face of criticism and adversity. But it seems like a lot of the time all they are really talking about is like, showing your tits in public or something along those lines.

oral sex is feminist empowerment
Basically there’s this fucked up feminist circular logic where you condemn something as being sexist enslavement, like corsets, for example, and then you realize that you maybe like those things, so then you ‘reclaim’ them and say ‘rawr, I’m empowered’. Look, call me a stickler for literal definitions, but there is nothing about the Star Wars character Rey, that is empowering. You do not need J.J.’s permission to…fly the falcon…or whatever the guardian was trying to refer to when they said Rey was empowering.

She never doubts herself, the scenes of her flying the Millennium Falcon are the most empowering scenes the Star Wars machine have ever produced.

guide to feminist-friendly game design

Meanwhile, if you attempt to talk about things women can do to actually empower themselves to not be victims, you are still likely to be accused of ‘victim blaming’. Or just wanting someone else to get raped:

If you're promoting changes to women's behaviour to "prevent" rape, you're really saying "make sure he rapes the toher girl"
If the tumbler replies aren’t enough, feel free to click the image and see many, many more comments from people acting like that is the deepest shit they’ve ever heard. What do you people want? You want me to put on spandex and go prowl the streets at night actively trying to prevent crime? I mean what in the actual fuck tho? Yes, make sure he rapes the other girl and welcome to the real world, while we’re at it. Just because I want you to empower yourself in the literal, dictionary sense, doesn’t mean I want rapists to succeed. Stop gaslighting me, yo.

7) Equality & Rights

Definition of social equality on

The dictionary definition is pretty boring, it just says like ‘the state of being equal’, so I’m presenting the wikipedia definition of social equality here. Even by this much broader definition one must really wonder how it is that feminists still see women as not being equal to men in society.

What is it with Twitter? Seriously. I just tossed ‘women equal rights’ into the search box and it’s just an endless stream of this shit. Try it yourself and ask any of these people what rights it is that they are campaigning for. Guaranteed they will answer with something that is not and should not be a right, like the right to not be catcalled or the right to not be ‘harassed’ on twitter by shitlords like you. Fucking hell, if you don’t know the difference between a right and a privilege you probably aren’t the most equipped to be out there engaging in advocacy, just sayin’…

Equal Rights quote by Thomas Sowell

6) Systemic/Systematic/Institutionalized

I’ll spare you the triple definitions, but here are three words that constantly get mixed up and misused by the social justice brigade. One thing they love to talk about is institutionalized racism or sexism. The problem is that for racism to be institutionalized it has to be enshrined in the policies of the institution. Back in the day when black people had to enter the Cotton Club through a different door than the white folk would be an example of institutionalized racism. The only legit examples you can find today would be policies like affirmative action, essentially racial discrimination which is meant to be positive towards minorities. This doesn’t stop SJWs from constantly talking about it like it’s a national epidemic, just like they constantly talk about the struggle to get equal rights for women.

That last one is a great example since it’s so easy to deconstruct. The charge is that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is guilty of institutionalized racism. This isn’t true because there are no policies or procedures that discriminate against black people. A lot of people will try to argue that institutionalized racism can be covert and unintentional, well, try to get those people to explain the difference between institutional and systemic racism. They’ll probably say some shit about one happening in an institution and the other not, if they try at all. Now ask them to explain the difference between individual and systemic racism and watch the whole conversation fall apart.

I don’t care what any websites or even dictionaries have to say on the matter. If an institution doesn’t have polices or practices which can be shown to be racist or discriminatory then it is not practicing institutionalized racism. Basically when people misuse institutionalized racism or systematic racism they are almost always meaning to say systemic racism, incidentally the one that’s the hardest to disprove. It’s sad when people try to use big words to sound smart but use those words incorrectly.

Systematic is virtually never used correctly in these conversations because it means the most overt and focused type of racism or oppression you can imagine. Nazi Germany’s treatment of the Jews would be a good example of systematic oppression. Nothing in modern day developed nations even comes close.

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